King County is currently in Phase 2 of reopening.

Information for Shoreline


Annual Crack-Seal Program
Crack-seal is a hot-pour, petroleum-based pavement crack and joint sealant. Residents on affected streets will receive a mailing with a detailed schedule of streets to be crack-sealed prior to the beginning of work. Using crack-seal in conjunction with slurry-seal provides the most cost-effective method of premature failures and aging. Crack-sealing is done annually, usually from June through September.

Concrete Street Repairs
The need to repair or replace a concrete street panel is identified through field observation (cracked or sunken panels) or as scheduled by the City's Pavement Management System. In this activity, the street panel is dug up and the base or sub-base (soil) replaced, depending on the cause of the failure. Then a new concrete surface is laid. This type of work can be performed year-round.

Pavement Patching
Areas to be patched are determined from a visual survey by street crews and from resident reports. Needed patching identified throughout the year are done during the dry-weather months, usually from July through September.

Pot Hole Repair
The City receives notice of a pot hole primarily through reports from residents. These are a high-priority and a temporary repair is done within 48 hours of notice. The site is then put on a list for a more permanent repair. To report a pothole, please provide us with as much information as possible by filling out an online service request.

To report issues and request street maintenance, please call the Customer Response main line at (206) 801-2700.