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Information for Shoreline

Keep roadways/pathways safe and clear

  • Overgrown vegetation is a safety hazard and can threaten public safety when the vegetation blocks the view of traffic signs, signals, vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Trimming vegetation and caring for your trees are effective ways residents can enhance neighborhood safety.

What is my responsibility as a homeowner/property owner for keeping the sight distance clear?

As a property owner and/or property tenant you need to be conscious about managing vegetation on your property to ensure it does not block visibility of sidewalks or roadways. (Shoreline Municipal Code 12.05) If a sight distance problem is evident on your property, we will contact you regarding this issue. If the problem is not resolved we may correct the problem or initiate enforcement action.   

Effective ways to enhance neighborhood safety and to ensure safe passage for everyone; use the following guidelines:


  • Sidewalks: For a clear pathway, keep tree limbs and vegetation trimmed back from the edge of the sidewalk and at least 8 feet above sidewalks.
  • Streets/Alleys: Keep tree limbs and vegetation trimmed back from the edge of the street or alley and at least 14 feet above streets and alleys.

Chapter 15.1 – of City’s Engineering Department Manuel (EDM) includes the City’s requirements for keeping sight distance clear. (see below)

From To Standard Clearance
Sidewalk surfaces Any horizontal projection over the surface 8 feet
Roadway surfaces Tree limbs 14 feet
Alley surfaces Any horizontal projection over paved surface 14 feet
Bicycle path surfaces Any horizontal projection over surface 10 feet


Report a Problem

TreeBlockingSignTo report a problem with vegetation blocking a driveway, sign or sidewalk call our Customer Response Team (CRT) at (206) 801-2700.