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Information for Shoreline

What is Emergency Management?

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Fire Department personnel in the City of Shoreline Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, during a drill

Shoreline is committed to being prepared in the event of an emergency. It is the governmental policy of the City to protect lives, property, the environment, and the economy during an emergency or disaster.

The City of Shoreline has an Emergency Management Coordinator that oversees the planning, response, mitigation and recovery processes. This is done in collaboration with Shoreline Police and other community partners such as the Fire Department and utilities serving Shoreline. The Emergency Management Coordinator also oversees the activation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The Emergency Management Coordinator publishes the City's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan which provides the framework upon which the City prepares for, responds to, and performs its emergency response functions during times of disasters.

The City of Shoreline also has an Emergency Management Council that meets quarterly. This committee is made up of our community partners including police, fire, utilities and residents to give guidance on our preparation and mitigation efforts.