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During an emergency

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Call 911 in case of an emergency


During an emergency, remember that city, county, and state officials have developed emergency plans, but you are responsible for your own safety, even during an emergency. If you’ve already created your own family emergency plan, make sure you practice it and follow it. Remember these four key things:

Stop - Listen for instruction on what to do

  • Listen to the radio, TV, or local emergency-alert system.
  • In an emergency, local authorities may not be able to provide information right away. Be patient and wait for directions.

Listen before you act

  • Continue to listen to a radio, television, or emergency-alert system for instructions. Have a battery-powered radio available. Officials may tell you what to do.
  • If you are told to evacuate, remember to wear protective clothing and sturdy shoes. Use travel routes provided by local authorities – don’t use shortcuts because certain areas may be closed or dangerous.
  • If you are told to stay in place, continue to listen for further directions.
  • If you are in a room with a window, make sure the window is closed.
  • Remain where you are until further direction from emergency personnel.

Remember your emergency plan and emergency supply kit

  • After you receive direction from officials, follow the steps in your emergency plan.
  • Take your emergency kit. The kit should include: a battery-powered radio and flashlight, extra batteries, first-aid kit, water, food, and a change of clothing. If needed, you should also include baby supplies, medical devices or prescription medicine, and eyeglasses or contact lens supplies.
  • Check on neighbors, especially senior citizens and disabled persons. If you are a senior citizen or a disabled person, follow your emergency plan or follow the instructions given by officials to get help in an emergency.

Remain calm

  • It is important to stay calm in an emergency. Get as much information about the situation as possible by watching TV, listening to the radio, or using the Internet for news.