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Information for Shoreline

Online Interactive Maps

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Historic Property Inventory Interactive Map
  See historic properties built on three previous inventories. Two completed in 1978 for unincorporated King County that is now Shoreline, and recently in the NE 185th Light Rail Study Area.
Parks and Trails Interactive Map
  Identifies City parks and popular trails. Click on a park to display a popup of its characteristics. 
Property Information Interactive Map
  Includes our aerial photography archive, permit information, environmentally sensitive areas, and property information, including zoning and tax parcels. 

City Managed Assets
   View City Right-of-Way, Surface Water, Wastewater, Streets, and Engineering assets.
City Right-of-Way Assets Inventory Interactive Map
  View City assets including streets, signs, signals, curb ramps, and sidewalks.
Street Tree Inventory Interactive Map
  Data collected by Washington State Department of Natural Resources grant. Click on a tree to display a popup with the tree characteristic.
City Surface Water Assets Interactive Map
  View surface water assets, such as catch basins, man holes, and pipe inlets.
Lynnwood Link Extension Construction Areas
  View potential closures and areas impacted by the Lynnwood Link Extension Light Rail construction project.