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Welcome to the City of Shoreline GIS

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Click on one of the sections below to browse online maps, download geographic information system (GIS) data for use with ArcGIS, or to find a frequently requested map.  GIS data and maps are provided "As-Is" and no warranties of any sort accompany the use of this information. 

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What is a GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) uses many technologies and methods to map and analyze spatial information.  For cities like Shoreline, GIS provides a technology to work more efficiently for many tasks, including managing property information, linking City assets such as pipes to their work history, or mapping trends and health of our urban forests.  Here is a thorough description of a GIS: Geographic Information SystemRoger Tomlinson (1922-2014) is recognized as the "father of GIS." 

City of Shoreline Internet Mapping:

Our new online mapping site was recently launched to reduce our costs and to provide more GIS related information to the public.  For this map, you will see, from left to right, tools at the upper right of the map frame.  These can be use to show the map legend, turn on/off map layers, change the year of aerial photography, draw on the map, measure distances, print a map and generate a mailing list.  Detailed instructions will be available over the next few months.  For best results use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

City Maps and GIS Data:

Existing maps can be reprinted for a cost of $1.50 per square foot or they can be downloaded for free as PDF files.  Due to the large size of the maps, a broadband internet connection is ideal for downloading them to your computer.  Customized maps and data services are available, at a of cost $75 per hour.  GIS data that the City actively maintains and owns, including zoning, land use, drainage and neighborhoods can by requested on CD for $2.00 or DVD for $3.00.  In the coming months some of the smaller GIS data layers will be available for download from the City's website.