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Bicycles and Pedestrians

Bike trails and sidewalks are amenities that offer an alternative to commuting and running errands by car. In addition to providing mobility and access, bicycle trails and sidewalks also offer recreational opportunities and support healthy lifestyles. The more connected bike routes we have, the less we depend on cars to make the easy short trips that can also support local businesses. More sidewalks make the city safer and more enjoyable for pedestrians and encourage more walking.

 Infographic saying "Shoreline aims to expand the sidewalk network from 78 to 92 miles by 2030." Infographic also shows walkscore of 48 out of 100, stating "According to WalkScore, most errands in Shoreline require a car, but the City aims to increase walkability by 2030."

Infographic stating, "Shoreline has 20 miles of dedicated bike lanes and paths, with a target of 40 miles by 2030." Also states, "The number of Shoreline residents who bike to work more than tripled between 2010 and 2016, setting us on track to reach 500 bike commuters by 2030."

Shoreline's Vision for Connecting Trails and Parks

One of the 11 Strategic Action Initiatives outlined in Shoreline’s recently adopted 2017-2022 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan is to enhance walkability in and around parks. To achieve this goal, the City will create 2 miles of new nature trails within parks and 2 miles of enhanced pedestrian access to parks by 2023.


Public transit provides transportation choices for everyone, including people who do not have access to a vehicle, are unable to drive, or choose not to drive. Because buses and light rail carry many people at once, there are fewer separate trips made and fewer cars on the road. Trip reduction directly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion, and air pollution.

 Infographic stating "By 2035, Shoreline plans to have 36% of residents living within a 10-minute walk of a light rail station." Also states, "The City estimates that the two light rail stations will have over 13,000 boardings per day by 2035."

New Aurora Transit Lanes Increase Reliability

After years of planning and construction, the Aurora Corridor project was completed in 2017. Among the various project features were new business access and transit (BAT) lanes that will improve traffic flow, relieve traffic congestion, and increase the speed and reliability of transit. The total cost was about $140 million, with more than 80% coming from federal, state, and county grants.

Low-Carbon Vehicles

In 2012, cars, trucks, and other vehicles constituted 53% of Shoreline’s total greenhouse gas pollution, which contributes to climate change and health impacts. Since vehicles last for many years, purchasing decisions can “lock in” pollution emission profiles for 10 years or more. By changing what we drive and how much, people can significantly reduce pollution and its impacts on our health.

 Infographic "In 2016, Shoreline had 9 public EV charging stations. The City aims to increase to 30 stations by 2030." Also states, "Shoreline residents and businesses have registered about 180 electric vehicles by 2016, making strides toward the City's goal to have 450 EVs registered by 2030."

Shoreline Expands Hybrid Fleet

Shoreline has expanded its hybrid vehicle fleet to achieve 69% greater fuel efficiency than similar vehicles in the City fleet. In addition, the City purchased its first electric vehicle in 2016, representing the City’s commitment to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The City has also installed 5 new electric vehicle-charging stations in the City Hall garage for residents, visitors, and City staff.


Ditch the keys, share your ride

Biking and walking to work or to run errands is a great way to get fresh air and stay fit. Carpooling with co-workers fosters collaboration, friendship, and can be faster when using an HOV lane. For your next trip, ditch the keys and the driving stress and explore a new mode of travel. Find biking partners, van shares, and transit options by visiting

Choose a high efficiency vehicle

Nissan Leaf electric car

One of the most effective purchasing decisions you can make to reduce your greenhouse gas pollution is to choose a highly efficient vehicle. Next time you are in the market for a new car or truck, visit to find updated, comprehensive information on the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market, including hybrids and electric vehicles.

Learn about electric vehicles

Shoreline City Hall Solar Panels Shoreline Solar Project, founded in 2004, promotes the practical application of renewable energy and environmentally responsible practices to enhance the economic, ecological, and social environment of the Shoreline community. As part of their annual Northwest Solar Fest, they have hosted Conversation Cafes about electric vehicles to answer the public’s questions about purchasing, operating, and maintaining EVs.