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Affordable Housing

Shoreline is a welcoming place, but it can be challenging for residents to find housing that fits their budget. As of 2017, over one-third of Shoreline’s households pay 30% or more of their income for housing costs. Lack of affordable housing places a higher burden on households with fewer resources. Given that Shoreline is growing, we have a chance to plan our development in a way that creates more housing for all so people who work in Shoreline can live in Shoreline.

Infographic on affordable housing. The City estimates that nearly 2,000 additional affordable housing units will be in Shoreline by 2031. That's from 11,358 in 2014 to 13,258 in 2031.

Ronald Commons and Shoreline's Affordable Housing Incentive Program

The City has taken steps to support affordable housing opportunities in Shoreline and across the region, such as partnering with local organizations to develop the Ronald Commons, which includes 60 affordable apartments and an integrated service center. Shoreline has implemented incentive zoning and impact fee exemptions for affordable housing around the future 185th Street Light Rail Station to ensure that development supports an equitable community. The Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County recognized Shoreline for these efforts in 2015 when it awarded the Municipal Champion Award to the City.

Economic Growth

A vibrant economy helps the City and our community thrive. It also gives us more capacity to overcome challenges that arise, including adapting to the impacts of climate change, in the face of rising costs. The ability to expand the local economy through new development and jobs will support long-term financial sustainability for the City, residents, and businesses.

Infographic on jobs. The City estimates that 7,200 new jobs will be created in Shoreline by 2035.

Aurora Square Community Renewal Area

In 2012, the City Council designated a 70-acre area around the Sears, Central Market, and the WSDOT offices as the Aurora Square Community Renewal Area (CRA). By establishing “economic blight” and designating the CRA, the Council established that economic renewal is in the public interest, which enables the City to use its resources to encourage economic renewal. The City has worked diligently to prepare the way for the CRA to reinvigorate the Shoreline economy.

Healthy Neighborhoods

In Shoreline, we value neighborhoods that support all residents in being healthy and resilient. In healthy neighborhoods, residents have access to fresh and whole foods from community gardens, farmers markets, grocery stores, and food banks. Residents should feel safe and at ease in their neighborhoods and have access to parks and open spaces for physical and emotional health. The City supports 14 different neighborhood associations in their efforts to build vibrant, healthy communities.

Shoreline Farmers Market

The Shoreline Farmers Market is open every Saturday, from mid-June through early October, located in the Sears parking lot at Shoreline Place. Since 2012, the farmers market has featured local vendors, live music, and summertime celebrations, thanks to the volunteers and sponsors critical to the market’s success.


Support a healthy Shoreline for all

Ronald CommonsBecome an advocate for safe, decent, and affordable housing for all. Support services and affordable housing policies in our City and region, and urge your neighbors to lend their voices to support these efforts.

Grow food, build community

Twin Ponds Community GardenGardens are havens for diverse bird, insect, and plant life. They also provide a source of food for residents. Shoreline’s Twin Ponds Park and Sunset School Community Gardens offer opportunities for residents to get their hands in the soil to support habitats and our community. Planting strips are another area where residents can plant vegetables and other plants. Learn more about these opportunities on the City’s community gardens webpage.

Diggin' Shoreline

Diggin’ Shoreline, a local nonprofit, has been supporting community gardening in Shoreline since 2009. They raise awareness about food and eating local, organize events and classes, and provide resources about gardening and food specific to Shoreline. Access their resources and learn how you can get involved at