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Information for Shoreline

Shoreline heat map

 Visual storymap of climate change impacts for Shoreline - click on the map above to see more.

Preparing for Climate Change

The City’s 2013 Climate Action Plan outlined a series of actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduce future climate change impacts for the Shoreline community.  While we must continue to reduce GHG emissions, we must also prepare our community for climate change impacts that are here now and anticipated in the future. The most significant changes projected for the Pacific Northwest due to climate change include the following: 

  • Temperature – increase in average and minimum temperatures, and the frequency and duration of extreme heat events
  • Precipitation – wetter winters, drier summers, and more extreme precipitation events
  • Mountain Snowpack – less snowpack and shifts in the timing of stream flow
  • Sea Level Rise – increase in sea level 

In 2019, the City initiated a study to identify climate change impacts and areas of vulnerability for our community, with a special focus on the City’s stormwater system.  The study is expected to conclude by summer 2020 and will help inform the next update to the City’s Climate Action Plan. You can learn more about anticipated climate change impacts for Shoreline and the Puget Sound region in the documents below. 

Looking for more detailed information? The memo below provides an overview of observed and projected climate changes in the Puget Sound region based on the latest available climate science information from academic literature, research organizations, and institutions (as of November 2019).