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Information for Shoreline


As of June 2020
Phase: Design

With light rail coming to the City of Shoreline in 2024, the City has been looking at ways to improve multimodal transportation performance of the 145th Street Corridor. The interchange at 145th Street and I-5 greatly influences the function of the corridor and will be integral for safe and efficient access to the future Shoreline South/145th Station.

Design Elements

A preferred design concept with many safety and operational components adopted by Council was a starting point for the current design phase. The City has continued working closely with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), which has governance over the interchange, as well as King County, Sound Transit, and the City of Seattle.

For the last year, the project team has been conducting an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) as required by WSDOT. During the evaluation, the project team analyzes and compares various design concepts. This has resulted in the analysis of a design that includes roundabouts instead of the standard signalized intersections.

Compared to a standard signalized intersection, installing a roundabout is a proven method for reducing injury accidents. Roundabouts would improve travel times along the corridor and this alternative would be less costly to construct and maintain.

Conceptual Roundabouts
Roundabouts shown in this image are conceptual and will be
subject to modification if approved by WSDOT in design analysis.

The project team will be working closely with WSDOT and other agencies as design analysis of concepts is completed soon and the Intersection Control Evaluation is concluded.

"Roundabout Rodeo"

In considering an interchange design that could include roundabouts, the WSDOT Regional Transit Coordination Division assisted King County Metro in organizing a “Roundabout Rodeo” with Sound Transit, Seattle DOT, and the City of Shoreline. This exercise has been a proven method for showing the functionality of a proposed roundabout design. The design was laid-out to scale based on engineering drawings and then Metro bus drivers were sent through to make sure they could navigate the entrances, radius, and exits properly.

 A video captures the event in action.


Next Steps

The City continues to work with design consultant H.W. Lochner, Inc. and expect to have a design concept that WSDOT will approve in winter 2020. The project team will then begin environmental documentation and completion of 30% design in 2020. The design and environmental phase is estimated to cost $4.5 million, of which $3.89 million is funded by a federal grant. 

Overall costs to complete the project are currently estimated at approximately $25 million and the City continues to pursue funding.


The City of Shoreline conducted the 145th Street Multimodal Corridor Study in 2015-2016 to evaluate current conditions for all users while considering transportation demands that will be the result of a future light rail station at approximately 145th Street and I-5. Through an extensive public process, the City tailored the improvements to maximize benefit while keeping community impacts to a minimum.

As a result of this study, Shoreline has received federal funding to complete design on two sections of the corridor, this Interchange Project and the portion of the 145th Street corridor from Aurora Ave (SR-99) to I-5. Both of these projects are now being designed. A third section of the corridor from I-5 east to Bothell/Lake City Way is a part of Sound Transit 3 that was approved in November 2016. Sound Transit will be addressing improvements on this portion of 145th Street for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, working closely with the City on public outreach.


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