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145th Street Station Subarea Plan and FEIS

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All documents associated with adoption of the 145th Street Station Subarea Plan are available on this page (see Ordinance Numbers 750, 751, 752, and 756 below). Check the main light rail page for additional background and materials. 

Links to adopting ordinances and exhibits below reflect the Planning Commission recommendation following the August 18, 2016 public hearing, which was carried over until August 22.  Next steps include a City Council study session on September 12, with potential adoption of ordinances on September 26.  The public may comment to Council at their September 12, 19, and 26 meetings or email

Final EIS

For each potential zoning scenario selected by Council, the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) uses the same format to analyze impacts to the same elements studied in the Draft EIS. A Review Guide was prepared as a summary of the full FEIS.

Download the Full FEIS Document, or by Section:

Cover/Front Matter (Table of Contents and Fact Sheet)
Chapter 1 - Environmental Summary
Chapter 2 - Description of Alternatives
Chapter 3 - Affected Environment, Analysis of Potential Impacts, and Mitigation Measures (below)

Section 3.1 Land Use Patterns, Plans, and Policies
Section 3.2 Population, Housing, and Employment
Section 3.3 Multi-Modal Transportation
Section 3.4 Streams, Wetlands, and Surface Water Management
Section 3.5 Parks, Recreation, Open Space, Natural Areas, and Priority Habitat Areas
Section 3.6 Schools, Police, Fire, and Other Public Services
Section 3.7 Utilities and Energy Use

Chapter 4 - Responses to Comments on the Draft EIS
Chapter 5 - References
Chapter 6 - Distribution List

145th Street Station Subarea Plan

Ordinance No. 750- Adopting Subarea Plan and Amending Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map

Ordinance No. 751 – Amending Official Zoning Map

Ordinance No. 752 – Adopting Planned Action Ordinance

A planned action is a development project whose impacts have been addressed by an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) associated with a plan for a specific geographic area before individual projects are proposed. A planned action involves detailed SEPA review and preparation of EIS documents in conjunction with sub-area plans, consistent with RCW 43.21C.031and WAC 197-11-164 through WAC 197-11-172. Such up-front analysis of impacts and mitigation measures then facilitates environmental review of subsequent individual development projects.

Ordinance No. 756 - Adopting Development Code Regulations for 145th and 185th Street Station Subareas

On August 18, the Planning Commission recommended splitting draft Development Code regulations out of Ordinance No. 751 into a new ordinance because regulations would apply to both light rail station subareas.

For more information about any of these documents or how they will be implemented, please contact Steve Szafran at 206-801-2512 or