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Destination 2024

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Preparing the City for Light Rail

By now, everyone knows that light rail is coming to Shoreline in 2024. In preparation, we have been planning for changes that will come with it. The City Council has increased zoning densities around the two future  stations (Shoreline South/145th and Shoreline North/185th) so that new housing and development can be focused around  transit. To support future development, the City is also planning for transportation improvements to help get people to light rail and around the station areas.

There are eight different transportation projects linked to the opening of the Shoreline South/145th light rail station in 2024. The goal for all these projects is to ensure pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and auto traffic can get to and from the Shoreline South/145th Station as safely and efficiently as possible. The City is currently in varying stages of public outreach for the different projects. With so many projects occurring in the same area, it is sometimes helpful to step back and see the bigger picture of how all of these projects are interrelated. When we talk about a Destination 2024 project, know that we are referring to one of the eight transportation projects focused around the 145th corridor and the Shoreline South/145th light rail station.

The eight projects are:

To learn more about each project and to see how they all fit together, click on the map below and use the interactive links in the map.