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Last updated May 5, 2020

Final Report

The final report for the 185th Street Multimodal Corridor Strategy is now available for viewing.  The report includes the Council adopted Preferred Options as described below as well as project process and supporting analysis and documentation.

Council Adopts the Preferred Option

The City of Shoreline worked with the community to create a vision for the 185th Street Corridor which connects to the future light rail station on the east side of I-5. The corridor is created by three roads: N/NE 185th Street, 10th Avenue NE, and NE 180th Street.

The team looked at existing conditions, received initial community and stakeholder input during fall 2018 outreach meetings, and then developed several draft roadway options. The draft options were shared at spring outreach meetings and through an online survey. Staff used input along with technical analysis to develop hybrid mid-block cross sections that reflect the best mix of elements from the draft options.

On July 22, 2019, City Council selected a Preferred Option set of mid-block cross sections that shows travel lanes for automobiles, future frequent bus service, bicycle facilities, sidewalks, and amenity zones. Cross sections will be wider near and at intersections to allow for left, right, and U-turns.

During summer and fall 2019, the team refined the Preferred Option mid-block cross sections and further analyzed the Preferred Option in respect to transit speed and reliability, traffic level of service, preliminary roadway design, intersection control, incremental redevelopment coordination, ROW needs, planning-level cost estimate, SEPA non-project review, project delivery approach, and funding strategy.

On October 28, 2019, City Council adopted the Preferred Option mid-block cross sections for the 185th Street Multimodal Corridor Strategy.

The Preferred Option:

(To see illustrations of roadway cross-sections, please view the
October 28, 2019 Staff Report.)

NE 185th Street (between Fremont Avenue N and Midvale Avenue NE)

  • No curb-to-curb changes  
  • Amenity zones, off-street bike paths, and sidewalks

N/NE 185th Street (between Midvale Avenue N and 5th Avenue NE west of I-5)

  • 4-lane section (two travel lanes and two Business Access and Transit or “BAT” lanes for frequent bus service and vehicles making right turns)   
  • Amenity zones, off-street bike paths, and sidewalks
  • Holds the north side curb to retain existing trees where feasible

NE 185th Street (between 5th Avenue NE west of I-5 and 10th Avenue NE)

  • 3-lane section (two travel lanes and a center turn lane) 
  • Buffered bike lanes, amenity zones, and sidewalks

10th Avenue NE (between NE 185th Street and NE 180th Street)

  • 2-lane section (two travel lanes)
  • Buffered bike lanes, on-street parking (west side only), amenity zones, sidewalks, and a flex zone (west side only) for street furnishings and plantings

NE 180th Street (between 10th Avenue NE and 15th Avenue NE)

  • 2-lane section (two travel lanes)
  • Enhanced bike lanes, amenity zones, and sidewalks

Environmental Review -
State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

On October 8, 2019, the City issued a SEPA Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) on the non-project action for the 185th MCS, which will serve as a guide for future development. See links below to SEPA DNS, public notice, and checklist.


Notice of Application

SEPA Checklist

Next Steps

There is no designated City Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funding for improvements to the corridor. Changes to the 185th Street Corridor will happen incrementally over time as redevelopment occurs. The 185th MCS will serve as a guide to ensure that future public and private development projects contribute to a cohesive vision and will help the City competitively seek funding opportunities. The 185th MCS will serve as the basis of design for a future design development phase when the City is able to advance any part of this study into a CIP project.

Open House 2: Materials and Presentation

The April 2, 2019 public meeting was attended by approximately 80 residents who were able to view and provide feedback on various options for the 185th Corridor street sections and opportunities for future community gathering places. If you were unable to attend, the following materials and presentation from that evening are available below.

The team developed a set of draft value-based criteria to evaluate each option against the project goals and objectives. Each study option was evaluated with a simple scale of low to high to see how well it benefits pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, transit operators and riders, livability, and cost. A color-coded evaluation table is provided with each option that shows how it performs for different purposes. At this point in the process, no decisions have been made about which roadway cross section performs the best. Rather, the review and comparison of options will reveal opportunities, constraints, tradeoffs, and priorities.

For additional information, view Frequently Asked Questions (sección de preguntas frecuentes).

Open House 1: Summary, Materials, and Presentation

In fall 2018, the City completed an initial outreach series to gather community and stakeholder input to help envision a corridor that will be safe for pedestrians and bicyclists; support bus and light rail transit service; address traffic flow; create gathering spaces; and encourage neighborhood businesses. A briefing of the events and input received can now be viewed in the Demographics Analysis & Outreach Summary.

The fall outreach events included walk and bike tours, community drop-ins, stakeholder meetings, and concluded with Open House 1 on Thursday, October 25, 2018.  Following are various materials and the presentation: 

For a different perspective, drone footage was taken of the 185th Corridor in part to understand how the corridor is currently used and to analyze some of its travel patterns. 

Project Background

The City has been preparing for many years for the scheduled opening of the light rail Shoreline North/185th Station in 2024. Between 2013 and 2015, the City engaged the community in the development of the 185th Street Station Subarea Plan.  In March 2015, Shoreline’s City Council approved zoning updates for the 185th Street Station Subarea.


The 185th Street Multimodal Corridor Strategy (185th MCS) studies a corridor from Fremont Avenue N in the Hillwood/Richmond Highlands neighborhoods, east across Aurora Avenue N to 10th Avenue NE, south along 10th Avenue NE to NE 180th Street, and east on NE 180th Street to 15th Avenue NE in North City. The “Z” shaped corridor connects the Aurora Corridor, the future Shoreline North/185th Station, and the North City neighborhood.


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