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Information for Shoreline

Last updated February 2019

What is the Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

The City of Shoreline 2011 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is the long-range plan for Shoreline's transportation network (please see amendments on this page for important updates to the plan). It helps guide how the City develops its Capital Improvement Program, coordinates transportation improvements with land uses, and plans for what is needed to respond to growth. 

  • The TMP contains policies and projects that support the future land uses in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
  • These policies affect choices for travel modes, such as car, bus, bicycle, and on foot.
  • Knowing how Shoreline will grow in the future allows the City to plan for the right transportation system improvements.
  • The projects listed in the TMP help ensure that adequate transportation facilities are in place.

When developing the TMP, the City took an approach that designs a system for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists. In doing so, the City developed the following:

  • Goals, policies, and implementation strategies that identify how to improve and expand Shoreline's transportation system.
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Transit System Plans that show complete systems for mobility throughout the City.
  • Prioritized projects for funding including bicycle, pedestrian, and traffic safety and operations projects.
  • Projects needed to accommodate growth over the next twenty years.
  • Updated street classifications that match the existing use of the street with the appropriate classification.
  • A funding strategy to pay for the identified improvements.
  • An updated concurrency standard that ensures adequate transportation facilities will be in place as growth occurs.

Amendments to the TMP

  • Ordinance 845 (passed by City Council on December 10, 2018).  This ordinance adopted 2018 amendments to the Shoreline Comprehensive Plan which included changes to the TMP as a result of the adoption of the Sidewalk Prioritization Plan (June 2018).  Amendment 4 updates the TMP Master Street Plan and Amendment 9 updates the TMP Pedestrian Plan.
  • Ordinance 802 (adopted by City Council on November 14, 2017).  Updates TMP Master Street Plan.
  • Resolution No. 352 (adopted by City Council on December 2, 2013).
  • Resolution No. 335 (adopted by City Council on December 3, 2012).

Sidewalk Prioritization Plan & ADA Transition Plan

The City has concluded a sidewalk study to evaluate and update how new sidewalk projects are prioritized. In addition, the City conducted an evaluation of existing sidewalk facilities and is developing an ADA Transition Plan, a State required plan to bring existing sidewalks to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.  Updates to the TMP have been passed in Ordinance 845 (listed under amendments on this page) as a result of the adoption of the Sidewalk Prioritization Plan (2018).