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Information for Shoreline

Arterial Speed Limits are established by the City Council guided by advice from City staff. City staff use engineering studies as well as Federal and State guidelines to recommend appropriate speed limits.

Speed limits encourage consistent travel speeds, fostering safety by reducing the speed differentials between motor vehicles. Speed limits generally reflect the speed most motorists naturally drive and are selected in part by determining the “85th percentile speed” (the speed that 85 out of 100 vehicles travel at or below).

When setting speed limits, engineers also consider other factors such as:

  • Roadway characteristics
  • Grade
  • Alignment
  • Sight distance
  • Roadside development and lighting
  • Parking practices
  • Pedestrian and bicycle activity
  • Driveway and intersection spacing
  • Collisions
  • Traffic volumes

Speed Limit Studies

The last review of arterial speed limits was completed in 2007. Current speed limits are based on the outcomes of that study.


Shoreline Police works with Traffic Services staff to identify problem areas. Traffic Staff uses data collected from the traffic count program to identify areas where speeding exists (see the Speed Differential Map linked below) and collaborates with Police in reviewing collision data for the Annual Traffic Report.

If you would like to report a speeding problem to Shoreline Police you can submit your comments via web form.

Or call the non-emergency phone line at (206) 296-3311

If you are concerned about speeding in your neighborhood, you can also take advantage of our Neighborhood Traffic Safety or Driver Education and Awareness Programs.

Historical Speed Data

The maps linked below show historical 85th Percentile Speeds measured throughout the City (average of both directions) as well as comparative speed differential maps.

2018 Speed Map  2018 Speed Differential Map 
2017 Speed Map  2017 Speed Differential Map 
2016 Speed Map  2016 Speed Differential Map
2015 Speed Map  2015 Speed Differential Map
2014 Speed Map  2014 Speed Differential Map
2013 Speed Map  2013 Speed Differential Map
2011 Speed Map  2011 Speed Differential Map
2010 Speed Map  2010 Speed Differential Map
2009 Speed Map  2009 Speed Differential Map

Current Speed Limits Map