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Transportation Design Standards and Code

Street Classification

Engineering Development Manual & Standard Plans

Shoreline Municipal Code
  • Model Traffic Ordinance – Chapter 10.05
  • Level of Service – Chapter 20.60.140
  • Parking Requirements – Chapter 20.50.390

In July 2014, the City Council adopted Shoreline’s first Transportation Impact Fees (TIFs). TIFs are charged during the building permitting process and used to fund projects to maintain or improve levels of service on Shoreline's streets. The intent is to share the financial responsibility of providing transportation facilities, such as roads and intersections, that support future growth with the development that grows our population and economy.

Transportation Planning Documents

Comprehensive Plan
The goals and policies included in this 20-year Plan provide a basis for the City’s regulations and guide future decision-making. This plan also addresses anticipated population and employment growth, and how facilities and services will be maintained or improved to accommodate expected growth.

Transportation Master Plan (TMP)
The TMP is a long-range plan for Shoreline's transportation network. It helps guide how the City develops its Capital Improvement Program, coordinates transportation improvements with land uses, and plans for what is needed to respond to growth. 

Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
The TIP is a short-range planning document that is updated annually based upon needs and policies identified in the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Master Plan. It identifies Shoreline’s current needed transportation projects for the next six years. Projects in the TIP can be funded or unfunded.

Capital Improvement Plan
The CIP is a multi-year plan for funded capital improvements needed to restore, improve and expand the City of Shoreline's infrastructure, which includes roads, sidewalks, trails, drainage, parks, and buildings owned and/or maintained by the City.

External Transportation Resources

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
National Association of City Traffic Officials (NACTO)
Municipal Resource and Services Center (MRSC)
Puget Sound Regional Council