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Information for Shoreline


The Surface Water Utility addresses both water quantity (flood control) and water quality (pollution) problems through the following services. 

Inspections and Maintenance

The Utility monitors and maintains drainage infrastructure throughout the City to keep water flowing, reduce flooding, and improve the quality of water that discharges into streams, lakes, and Puget Sound.

Water Quality Monitoring

The Utility monitors natural water bodies such as Echo Lake, Hidden Lake, Thorton Creek, and Boeing Creek for bacteria levels, toxic algae blooms, and other water quality indicators. 

Pollution Prevention Assistance and Spill Response

The Utility  provides assistance for small businesses to reduce pollution by properly storing and disposing of hazardous wastes. When spills do occur, the City can help to contain the spill and mitigate the impact.

Ronald Bog Early Warning System

The Utility monitors the water level at Ronald Bog to determine if action will be needed to prevent flooding.

Floodplain Development Management

By regulating development in flood-prone areas, the Utility ensures that the City maintains compliance with FEMA regulations, allowing properties in Shoreline to access flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Spill Response

The Utility provides spill response and clean up to prevent pollution of our local streams, lakes, and Puget Sound.

These services benefit the community and help us meet our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit requirements mandated by Washington State Department of Ecology. Visit our NPDES Permit page to learn more.