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Information for Shoreline

City Hall is Currently Closed to the Public

The City is only providing essential services during this time. All permit review and inspection services are currently suspended. For more information, please visit

Thank you for your patience as we determine our future operations.

Right of Way Permitting and Inspections in the Public Works Department is responsible for the review and inspection of construction activities within the City Right of Way (ROW) and other capital construction projects. All construction activities within the ROW by utilities or other private entities require a permit and inspection.

The City's Right of Way (ROW), as defined by the Shoreline Municipal Code, consists on "Property granted or reserved for, or dedicated to, public use for street purposes and utilities, together with property granted or reserved for, or dedicated to, public use for walkways, sidewalks, bikeways, and parking whether improved or unimproved, including the air rights, sub-surface rights and easements." The division line between ROW and private property is typically, but not always, 60 feet or 30 feet from the center of the street.

ROW Permit Checklists and Applications

This submittal checklist packet provides information requirements for submitting your permit application for review. Print out each item in the order listed below and follow the directions on the Submittal Checklist. For more information, please call Shoreline Planning & Community Development at (206) 801-2500.

FAQs on Right-of-Way Permits and Inspections

Right-of-Way Use

A class of permit issued by the City prior to any construction, use, or activity performed at a specific location in the City's public right of way. 

Right of Way Permit Submittal Checklist
Right of Way Application
Traffic Control Standards
Right of Way Development Handout 
Public Liability Insurance Development Handout
Request an ROW Inspection online

Right-of-Way Site

A right-of-way site permit is required for the construction or placement of privately owned structures or other private use of the right-of-way.

Right-of-Way Site Permit Submittal Checklist
Right-of-Way Site Application  
Traffic Control Standards    
Right-of-Way Fax Notice
Public Liability Insurance Development Handout

Right-of-Way Special Event

A permit to allow the use of the public right-of-way for special events such as, a large street party hosted once a year for a recognized neighborhood association; or a street parade hosted by the school district.

Right-of-Way Special Event Permit Submittal Checklist
Right-of-Way Special Event Sample Map
Right-of-Way Special Event Fee Reduction or Waiver
Right-of-Way Special Event Agency Notification
Right-of-Way Special Event Road Closure Code 1.15.130
Right-of-Way Special Event Letter to City
Right-of-Way Application
Public Liability Insurance Development Handout

Right-of-Way Tree Planting/Removal/Maintenance of Street Trees

A class of permit issued by the City prior to any construction, use, or activity performed at a specific location in the City's public right-of-way.

Right-of-Way Tree Planting/Removal/Maintenance of Street Trees Checklist
Right-of-Way Tree Planting/Removal/Maintenance of Street Trees Application

Learn more about requirements for tree removal in Shoreline.

ROW Inspections

All work within the City right of way is required to conform to the adopted standards and approved plans. To verify the work is being completed as approved, inspections are required. To request inspections, please note that:

Inspections are typically performed Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Please allow 24 hour notice to schedule an inspection.

To request a ROW inspection:

  • Request an  ROW Inspection online
  • Download fillable ROW Inspection Request form,  email to - or print out and hand deliver to -  City Hall, 2nd floor Public Works Department
  • Email request directly to - You will need to specify the date and time of the inspection, the permit number, type of inspection, site address, a contact name and phone number where you can be reached. Please be prepared with this information.

If you email before 7:00 a.m., the inspector will include your request for that same work day. Requests received after 7:00 a.m. will be scheduled the next work day. You may request a specific time. We do our best to accommodate your request, keep in mind this is a first scheduled, first inspected format.

All pre-construction meetings require a 72 hours in advance notice (working days).

IMPORTANT: Always have your City approved plans (stamped, intact with attachments) and permit card on site for each inspection.

Planting in the Right-of-Way

Many Shoreline residents are interested in planting vegetables and other plants in the areas on the side or fronts of their homes in the area that is city right-of-way. Often the plantings can be accomplished in this area without impacting or jeopardizing safety of our residents or the environment; essentially, plantings cannot impact visibility, drainage, and pedestrian access/utilization.

To support this interest by residents of the community, the City has developed a handout containing procedures and guidance on what can or cannot be done within the right-of-way. A permit is not required, but you must notify the City by filling out and submitting the Notice of Planting in the Right-of-Way form.