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Information for Shoreline

Dear Shoreline Residents,

It is my pleasure to present the 2019 Shoreline Police Department’s Police Services Report. Shoreline continues to be a safe community and the police department takes pride in working to address crime trends in a timely manner. We want to ensure the community is safe, that residents feels safe in their neighborhood and that quality of life concerns are addressed.

In 2019 Shoreline Police responded to 15,973 Dispatched Calls for Service (911 calls) and initiated 9,953 contacts, making over 1,150 arrests. Our focus and priorities are on school safety, neighborhood traffic safety, park safety and property crimes.

Shoreline officers and detectives train with Shoreline Fire on co‐response plans to active shooter and patrol. It is imperative that Shoreline officers have the proper training and equipment to ensure we are prepared for a call we hope we never have to respond to. We have a full time school resource officer and we work collaboratively with the Shoreline School District to address safety concerns in the schools.

Shoreline officers issued 4,110 traffic citations in 2019. Our goal of providing education and enforcement is to reduce collisions. The officers focus on high speed locations, high collision areas, neighborhoods and school zones. The police department works closely with the Public Works Department to identify problem locations and work collaboratively to keep the roadways safe.

The City of Shoreline has 38 parks that cover 409 acres. We want the community to enjoy the parks for their intended purpose so Shoreline officers work to enforce park rules and regulations. The City does not allow camping in the parks and works with the homeless in a compassionate and reasonable manner. Compassion does not mean enabling – it’s connecting those willing to accept services to the proper services available.

In 2019 the City of Shoreline had 232 burglaries, an increase of two burglaries from the previous year. There has been a 49% decrease in burglaries over the past five years. There may be several factors that contribute to the reduction in property crimes. One is neighbors looking out for each other and calling 911 immediately when they see suspicious activity. The police depend on the community to be additional eyes and ears; this resulting partnership has led to multiple arrests and a reduction in property crimes.

Finally, the Shoreline Police Department has partnered with the police departments of Bothell, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park and Kenmore to improve police interaction with those suffering from mental illness and addiction. Shoreline started the RADAR program (Response Awareness De‐escalation and Referral) which provides critical information to officers up front to help de‐escalate individuals with a response plan to reduce use of force incidents. The program provides officers direct access to mental health professionals (navigators) to work together to connect those in need to available services.

It’s a pleasure to serve as your police chief and to work with the men and women of the Shoreline Police Department who have the courage to do a difficult job and serve the community each and every day.


Shawn V. Ledford
Police Chief, City of Shoreline