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Park Impact Fees

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The Growth Management Act, 36.70c RCW, requires cities to plan and provide parks and recreation facilities that are adequate to accommodate growth. RCW 82.02.050 authorizes the City of Shoreline to impose an impact fee on development activity as part of the financing for such facilities. By charging impact fees, cities can collect a revenue stream to help ensure park facilities are adequate to meet the demands of future growth.

Ordinance No. 786 created Park Impact Fee meeting the intent of the Subarea Plan policies and the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Element of the Comprehensive Plan.

A park impact fee is a one-time payment by new residential development to pay for capital costs of facilities needed to support the new development. Park impact fees are charged during the building permitting process and used to fund projects to maintain levels of service of Shoreline's park system. The intent is to share the financial responsibility of providing for recreation facilities, such as new parks, open space and recreation facilities that support future growth with the development that grows our population and economy.

The fee is proportionate to the size of the development, or change in use. More potential residents, customers, or visitors result in higher fees. Park impact fees can only be used for “system improvements” included in an adopted six-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and that are improvements reasonably related to and benefit the new development. Impact fee rates must be adjusted to account for other revenues that the development pays.

Shoreline’s Park Impact Fees went into effect January 1, 2018.