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Information for Shoreline

In 2017, the City Council adopted a Fire Impact Fee program at the request of the Shoreline Fire District. The purpose of the impact fee, authorized by RCW 82.02, is to ensure the Fire District can continue to provide the same level of fire and life safety services to the community as Shoreline grows. It will also enable the Fire District to proactively address capital improvement needs.

The assessment of the impact fee is a one-time payment made during the permitting process by new developments. It will be an integral part of an overall solution to attain the necessary revenues for Shoreline Fire District capital improvements, but it is not the sole source of funding. Impact fees are targeted for approximately 35% of total District revenues, with the remaining funds obtained from bonds, operating revenue transfers, and the sale of existing property. The fee is balanced with the type, size, and risk of the new development. Deductions are available depending on the type of construction. Please refer to the Impact Fee Table for specific details.

Shoreline’s Fire Impact Fees went into effect January 1, 2018.