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FIT Together Shoreline - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This page contains frequently asked questions for the City of Shoreline FIT Together event. 

How does the Fit Together Shoreline Work?

FIT Together Shoreline takes place during the whole month of May. There is no need to sign up. Each day you’ll go to and track how many minutes you were physically active that day.  Active minutes can include anything from doing yard work, to taking a yoga class, to running a marathon.  There are also “wellness” activities that you complete and check off on the tracker to earn bonus points.  Each time you log your totals on the FIT Tracker, they will be posted in real time at where you’ll be able to see how you are doing and the standings for all the participants. You’ll receive weekly email updates and are encouraged to attend the free events associated with FIT Together Shoreline to better connect with other participants.

Who can participate?
Anyone, no matter where you live can participants. The event is open to all ages and abilities. 

Is FIT Together Shoreline replacing the Million Stair/Step Challenges?
Yes, FIT Together Shoreline takes all the great things about the Million Stair/Step Challenges and creates a new event that is more inclusive for all ages and abilities.  The new event has a stronger emphasis on wellness and social connection but maintains the “friendly competition” component. 

What counts as an “active activity” to earn points?
Sitting on the couch or sitting at your desk – NO
Playing video games - NO
Cleaning the house or doing yardwork – YES
Gardening - YES
Going for a walk - YES
Playing outdoors – YES
Sports/Fitness classes – YES
Tai-Chi, Yoga, Wellness classes – YES
Weight Training - YES
Jogging/Stair Climbing – YES
Swimming/Biking/Hiking - YES
Any sort of exercise - YES

How do I win a Prize? 
All participants are eligible to receive a small prize, but our top 5 participants will receive a special prize and bragging rights for their extraordinary efforts. 

Will FIT Together Shoreline be an annual event?
Yes, it will take place each year during the month of May.

Why do you ask for my neighborhood on the tracker?
FIT Together Shoreline is an individual competition as well as a neighborhood competition.  We ask that you identify which neighborhood you live or work in and we’ll track which of Shoreline’s 14 neighborhoods is the most active!

Where do I find out which neighborhodd I live in?

I logged my totals wrong, or I don’t think my totals are coorect.. what do I do?
Email Marianne Johnson, Recreation Specialist II at and provide information about your name and what totals should be corrected.

Do I have to log my active minutes each day, or can I combine days and log them one time?
Do whatever works best for you. We encourage people to log their totals each day so that you do not forget or lose track and so people can see the most current up to date totals of all participants. 

I don’t have access to the internet, can I still participate?
Yes,  paper tracking sheets are available at the Spartan Recreation Center.  You can fill these out and drop them off at the Spartan Recreation Center.  A staff person will enter the totals into the system for you.

Help, I still have questions.
Contact Marianne Johnson, Recreation Specialist II, at , 205-801-2600