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Information for Shoreline

2019 November Election Results and the Impacts to Shoreline: Shoreline Proposition 1 and I-976

0.2% Sales and Use Tax for new sidewalk construction

Under RCW 36.73.040(3)(a), the State Legislature has authorized TBDs to impose a sales and use tax up to 0.2% with voter approval.

In November of 2018, Shoreline voters approved Proposition 1 authorizing an additional retail sales and use tax of two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) to help fund the construction of new sidewalks in Shoreline or to repair and maintain existing sidewalks if necessary.

The additional sales and use tax will end in twenty years.

$20 Vehicle License Fee (VLF) for sidewalk repair and maintenance

RCW 36.73.020 ( allows city or county governments to create transportation benefit districts and impose an additional vehicle registration fee to fund local transportation projects.

In June 2018 City Council approved Ordinance 822 authorizing an increase of $20 to the vehicle license fee (VLF), for a total annual fee of $40. Collection of the new fee began March 1, 2019.

The additional $20 fee will go towards our Curb Ramp, Gutter, and Sidewalk Maintenance Program, allowing us to increase sidewalk maintenance funds from approximately $152,000 per year to $730,000 per year.

We have approximately 77 miles of existing sidewalks throughout Shoreline. Built at different times under different standards, many are in need of significant repair. Preliminary estimates indicate that we need over $110 million for repairs, including replacement and retrofitting existing sidewalks and curb ramps to meet ADA standards.

State law provides limited ways for cities to address transportation needs. The VLF is one of those ways.

Vehicles Subject to Transportation Benefit District Fees


In October 2015 City Council approved Ordinance 726 authorizing the City to assume the rights, powers and functions of the Shoreline TBD.

In July 2009, an ordinance was passed that set an annual $20 per vehicle registration fee to be used to help pay for pavement management on City arterials and major collectors.

In June 2009 City Council approved Ordinance 550 that formed the Shoreline TBD.

State and County Licensing Information

The Washington State Department of Licensing updates its local transportation benefit district web page to provide customers information about this fee.

For other questions about vehicle licensing, please contact the Washington State Department of Licensing, Vehicle Licensing division at 360-902-3770 (TTY: Call 771). For information on local licensing, please contact the King County Records & Licensing Services division at 206-296-4000.

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