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Information for Shoreline

Overview & History

As a result of past actions on the part of the State Legislature and Washington’s voters, Washington’s governments share a common problem: revenues grow slower than the costs of providing services. Shoreline’s City Council is concerned that existing revenues may not grow enough to maintain current service levels.

To address this problem, the City Council adopted a goal and formed a Subcommittee to develop a 10-Year Financial Sustainability Plan (10 YFSP). The purpose of the 10 YFSP is to strengthen Shoreline’s economic base by identifying options to balance revenues with costs.

Staff developed a financial model for revenues. They also developed a model for Shoreline’s core and quality-of-life services (costs). The model confirmed that costs for existing services could exceed revenues within the next 10 years. Over six meetings during the first quarter of 2014, the Subcommittee has:

  • Discussed the challenges to sustainability;
  • Analyzed the City’s financial forecast, base scenario, and various economic development, revenue and expenditure strategies;
  • Reviewed the City’s core and quality-of-life-services;
  • Developed preferred alternative strategies; and,
  • Finalized recommended alternative strategies for the City Council to consider.

The alternatives developed by the Subcommittee balance revenues with costs. City staff presented the 10 YFSP to the Council of Neighborhoods and also held a 10 YFSP Open House to receive public input in May 2014. The 10 YFSP was presented to and accepted by the full City Council at its June 16, 2014 meeting.

Staff Reports and Presentations

Open House

Council of Neighborhoods Meeting

City Council Meetings

10 YFSP Subcommittee Meetings