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Information for Shoreline

The Shoreline Film Office is a partnership to support filmmakers with locations, training, talent, equipment, a film-friendly permit process, and a short film festival offering cash prizes and a trip to Hollywood!

Our dedicated film-industry liaison is here to help with site tours, introductions, or anything else to make your production go smoothly, from “scout to can.”

Filming in Shoreline

If you are planning to film in the City of Shoreline and want to shoot on public owned property - for example, a Shoreline park, a City facility, or on a street - we can help you determine if a permit is necessary, how much time you should allow, and what fees, if any, will be required. Please read the Shoreline Film Manual for more information and complete the Shoreline Film Office Project Info Form to apply for your permit.

About Us

Together with its partners the Shoreline Community College and Shoreline Lake Forest Park Arts Council, the City attracts millions of dollars in commercial film productions to Shoreline every year. We have hosted everything from Super Bowl ads to smaller commercial work, feature-length independent films to shorts.

In 2019, the City of Shoreline passed Ordinance 859, setting reduced fees and establishing a film-friendly streamlined process to support more commercial filmmaking in our community.

While other colleges are closing similar programs, Performance Arts and Digital Filmmaking at Shoreline Community College is highly respected throughout the region.

The Shoreline Film Office is located on the Shoreline Community College campus and includes collaboration space and black box rehearsal space. Those willing to provide opportunities for students during their production can, with an educational agreement in place, use SCC film students, venues, and facilities for filming on a sliding scale depending on budget. To learn more, please contact the Shoreline Film Office at (206) 546-5829 or at

Film Festivals

The Shoreline Lake Forest Park Arts Council, a network and suite of services to artists, annually presents the best local short films from around the state under 10 minutes at the popular Shoreline Short-Short Film Festival, where the Best Picture selection is an automatic entry into the Oscar-qualifying HollyShorts International Film Festival. It is just one more way the road to Hollywood goes through Shoreline.

Since 2016, the Seattle International Film Festival has held a 10-day run in Shoreline. The Shoreline Film Office’s sponsorship brings thousands to the city and provides local filmmakers with opportunities to network during the many events bringing professionals together at the nation’s largest film festival.

Contact Us

The City of Shoreline, Shoreline Community College, and Shoreline Lake Forest Park Arts Council encourage you to bring your production to our community!

Call us at (206) 546-5829, email or visit us on Facebook.