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Council adopts 2019-2021 Goals

Post Date:04/19/2019 9:38 am

Council adopted their 2019-2021 City Council Goals and Workplan on April 8. The five goals are a continuation of the Council’s previous goals.

Goal 1: Strengthen Shoreline’s economic climate and opportunities

Robust private investment and economic opportunities help achieve Council Goals by enhancing the local economy, providing jobs and housing choices, and supporting the public services and lifestyle amenities that the community desires and expects.

Goal 2: Continue to deliver highly-valued public services through management of the City’s infrastructure and stewardship of the natural environment.

The City has identified needed improvements to strengthen its municipal infrastructure to maintain public services the community expects through adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, Surface Water Master Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. As capital improvements are made, it is important to include efforts that will enhance Shoreline’s natural environment, ultimately having a positive impact on the Puget Sound region.

Goal 3: Continue preparation for regional mass transit in Shoreline

Our community looks forward to increasing mobility options and reducing environmental impacts through public transit services. The ST2 light rail extension from Northgate to Lynnwood includes investment in the Shoreline North/185th Station and the Shoreline South/145th Station, which are planned to open in 2024. The ST3 package includes funding for corridor improvements and Bus Rapid Transit service along State Route 523 (N 145th Street) from Bothell Way connecting to the Shoreline South/145th Station. Engaging our community members and regional transit partners in plans to integrate local transit options into the future light rail service continues to be an important Council priority.

Goal 4: Expand the City’s focus on equity and inclusion to enhance opportunities for community engagement

The Council values all residents and believes they are an important part of the Shoreline community, including those who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented. The Council believes it is important to improve inclusion, equity, and participation among all members of the Shoreline community in the development and implementation of policies and programs in a meaningful and impactful way.

Goal 5: Promote and enhance the City’s safe community and neighborhood programs and initiatives

Maintaining a safe community is the City’s highest priority. The 2018 Citizen Survey reflected that 93% of respondents felt safe in their neighborhood during the day and 81% had an overall feeling of safety in Shoreline. The City is continuing a concentrated workplan to enhance our public safety communication and crime prevention efforts to ensure that our residents and businesses continue to find Shoreline a safe place to live, work, and play.

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