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Council adopts resolution: Sales & use tax for sidewalk improvements on November ballot

Post Date:11/02/2018 1:57 pm

On July 30, the Shoreline City Council voted to place a sales and use tax for sidewalk improvements on the November 6 general election ballot (Proposition 1). If approved by Shoreline voters, Proposition 1 would increase the sales and use tax in Shoreline by two-tenths of one percent (0.2%). Sales tax in Shoreline is currently set at 10.0%. Proposition 1 would increase it to 10.2% for a period of 20 years. The City will use the money generated to construct, maintain, rehabilitate, repair, and/or preserve sidewalks and pedestrian improvements in the City.

The adopted resolution placing the sales tax on the ballot identified 12 high priority sidewalk projects for construction. The projects, all part of the 2018 Sidewalk Prioritization Plan, are:




15th Avenue NE

NE 150th Street

NE 160th Street

Meridian Avenue N**

N 194th Street

N 205th Street

8th Avenue NW

North side of Sunset Park

Richmond Beach Road NW

Dayton Avenue N

N 178th Street

N Richmond Beach Road

19th Avenue NE

NE 196th Street

NE 205th Street

1st Avenue NE

NE 192nd Street

NE 195th Street

Westminster Way N

N 145th Street

N 153rd Street

Ballinger Way NE**

19th Avenue NE

25th Avenue NE

Dayton Avenue N*

N 155th Street

N 160th Street

5th Avenue NE*

NE 175th Street

NE 185th Street

Linden Avenue N

N 175th Street

N 185th Street

20th Avenue NW

Saltwater Park entrance

NW 195th Street

*Two sides of the street (bus route)
**Puts sidewalk on second side (bus route)

Current projections show that the money generated will be more than the cost to construct the above listed high-priority projects. If this occurs, once the above listed projects are completed, the City Council will fund additional sidewalk projects using the 2018 Sidewalk Prioritization Plan and Prioritization Matrix as a guide. Council may also choose to use available funds to expedite repair and maintenance of existing sidewalks. All monies generated from the ballot measure must be expended to support the City’s sidewalk program.

Increasing the sales and use tax by 0.2% would add two cents to every ten-dollar purchase of taxable goods or services within the city.

For more information on Shoreline Proposition 1, visit If you have questions about sidewalk improvements, contact Senior Transportation Planner Nora Daley-Peng at or (206) 801-2483. For questions about sales and use tax, contact Administrative Services Director Sara Lane at or (206) 801-2301.

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