FREE Class: Growing a Healthy Lawn Naturally

Growing a Health Lawn Naturally
Instructor: Ladd Smith, co-owner of In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

  • Wednesday, March 25, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM - RSVP Here
  • Saturday, March 28, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM - RSVP Here

Do you want a healthy, attractive lawn that is less work to maintain and is safer for kids, pets, and the environment? Join Ladd Smith, co-owner of In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes at Shoreline City Hall on Wednesday, March 25 and Saturday, March 28, for easy-to-follow tips on how to create and maintain a vibrant, healthy lawn space that is better for your family and the environment. Ladd will walk participants through the five step method to build a healthy lawn naturally from the roots up, covering soil building, mowing, watering, and pest management strategies. The Saturday session includes a hands-on aerator demonstration, so please dress for the weather. Class session are free for Shoreline residents but please RSVP.

Five Steps to Natural Yard Care

Go natural! You can create a beautiful landscape that is easier to care for and healthier for your family, pets, the Shoreline community, and Puget Sound by:

  1. building healthy soils
  2. planting right for your site
  3. practicing smart watering
  4. looking for alternatives before using pesticides
  5. practicing natural lawn care

Rebates for Native Landscaping

You can receive up to $2,000 to amend your soil with compost and plant native plants. Use the button on the right or visit the Soak It Up Rebate Program page for more information.  

Get Help with the Garden Hotline

For individualized solutions to your garden questions, contact Tilth Alliance's Garden Hotline at (206) 633-0224, Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Or attend this year's Earth Day Every Day Event and visit booths to learn more about natural yard care.

Find Safer Products

For more information on the dangers of common herbicides and yard care products, visit the Grow Smart, Grow Safe website.

Lake-Safe Lawn Pledge

If you live in the watershed of Echo Lake, take this pledge to commit to using safer lawn care practices to help protect clean water in Echo Lake. Use the button on the right to take the pledge. By pledging, you commit to:

  1. Use only organic, slow-release fertilizers at proper application rates and timings to avoid runoff into Echo Lake or the public drainage system.
  2. Use natural weed and pest control practices instead of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or “Weed N Feed” products.
  3. Adopt other practices that protect water quality, such as: bagging pet waste and placing it in the trash, not feeding waterfowl, and using a commercial car wash instead of washing on the driveway, street, or parking lot.
  4. Pick up a “Lake-Safe Lawn” yard sign from City Hall and post it in a visible location on your property

Yard Signs will be available for pick up from Shoreline City Hall after April 1, 2020.