Food Scraps and Yard Debris Collection - Green Cart

Recology provides organics (food scraps and yard debris) collection for residents, businesses, and multi-family properties in Shoreline. Weekly organics collection service is included for free with garbage service for single-family customers. 

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View the Sorting Guides on Recology's Website to find out what you can put in your green bin at the curb. The follow types of materials are accepted:

  • Food scraps like bread, coffee grounds and filters, vegetable and meat trimmings, fish, dairy, and tea bags
  • Food-soiled paper like used napkins, greasy pizza boxes, and uncoated paper food containers
  • Yard debris like branches, twigs, leaves, grass clippings, and plants

Compost More, Waste Less!

Approximately 30% of all material that ends up in the landfill could be composted instead. Finding ways to prevent wasted food, and composting food scraps and yard debris helps:

  • Save you money by reducing garbage service
  • Keep valuable materials out of the landfill 
  • Create valuable compost
  • Conserve resources
  • Keep garbage rates low

Want to start composting your food scraps and yard debris? Take King County's Compost More, Waste Less Pledge to receive free compostable bags and tips on how to start composting.

Businesses and multi-family properties in Shoreline can receive assistance from Recology to start organics collection service including a free site visit and consultation, sorting posters, and bin labels. Contact Recology at (206) 763-4444 to schedule a Zero Waste Audit

Backyard Composting

For resources on composting at home, visit King County's Backyard Composting webpage.