RCS Truck 5-2016

Recology CleanScapes' uses only compressed natural gas trucks in Shoreline to support climate protection.

Solid Waste Contract

Mandatory single-family residential garbage service started March 1, 2017 to keep rates low, increase recycling and promote health, safety, and general well-being in the community.

All single-family residences automatically receive weekly yard debris/food scraps service as part of basic garbage collection at no additional cost. If you don’t currently have a green cart, please call Recology at the number listed below to request one. Compostables include food scraps, yard debris, Christmas trees, and some additional storm debris.

To sign up for service and receive your complimentary green cart, contact:

Recology Store in Shoreline

Recology CleanScapes has opened a customer service storefront in Shoreline.  Shoreline residents can recycle difficult-to-recycle items, such as car seats and small appliances; change their service level and pay their bills in-person instead of online; and purchase items made from recycled materials. Check this list of materials to find what you can bring to the store to recycle.


Commercial and multi-family customers receive benefits, such as unlimited recycling, optional locks on containers, and roll-out services at no additional charge.

Rates - Single Family

Single-Family Residential Solid Waste Rates

(Effective March 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018)

All garbage services include every-other-week recycling and weekly yard debris/food scraps collection at no extra cost. Taxes and fees apply.

Service Level  Monthly Base Rate
One 32-gallon Garbage Cart
One 10-gallon Garbage Micro-Can
One 20-gallon Garbage Cart  $18.27
One 32/35 -gallon Garbage Cart $24.12
One 45-gallon Garbage Cart $33.39
One 60/64-gallon Garbage Cart $38.25
One 90/96-gallon Garbage Cart $47.86
Non-CFC Containing Large Appliances
(White Goods), Per Item
Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Per Item $30.00
Sofas, Chairs, Per Item $20.79
Mattresses, Box springs, Per Item $20.79