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Information for Shoreline


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It is unlikely that a tsunami or seiche generated by a distant or Cascadia Subduction earthquake would result in much damage in Shoreline. One computer model suggests that a tsunami generated by such an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.5 would only be 0.2 to 0.4 meters in height when it reached the Seattle/Shoreline area. This results from the shielding of the Olympic Peninsula and the Puget Sound islands.

However, Puget Sound is vulnerable to tsunamis generated by local crustal earthquakes (such as along the Seattle fault or South Whidbey Island fault) or by submarine landslides triggered by earthquake shaking. This type of tsunami could impact Shoreline. The low-lying areas along the Puget Sound coastline could suffer damage. There is a low probability of a tsunami or seiche occurring in Shoreline.