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Although any critical infrastructure within the 100-year floodplain is potentially exposed to flooding the floodplains in Shoreline are restricted to short reaches of small creeks. Flood damage is the result of surface water and not dependent on developed river channels. Structures exposed to riverine flooding were identified. Those that may be exposed to generalized surface water flooding were not be similarly identified.

What to do to prepare for a flood

  • Learn the safest route from your home or business to high ground.
  • Make arrangements for housing in the event you need to evacuate your home.
  • Teach all family members how, where and when to turn off utilities.
  • Plan for a meeting place outside of the hazard area.
  • If it has been raining hard for several hours, or raining steadily for several days, be alert to the possibility of a flood.
  • Consider purchasing one or more pumps to use to remove water in and around your home during heavy rains or flooding.
  • Prepare for severe storms and power outages which often accompany floods.
  • Review your flood insurance policies for structure and contents coverage. Don’t have insurance? Contact your insurance representative or visit www.floodsmart.gov.