As of May 18, 2018
Phase: Design 

Corridor improvements are underway along the 145th Street corridor. Shoreline has received $4,235,000 in federal funding for design of the SR-523 (N/NE 145th Street), Aurora Avenue N to I-5 project.

Design Elements

The design will reflect the Preferred Design Concept approved by Shoreline Council on April 11, 2016. The focus is on improving intersection safety and operations to reduce delay, and better access for pedestrians moving along the corridor and accessing the future light rail station at 145th Street and I-5. Design elements are expected to include:

  • Improvements to signalized intersections, adding left turn lanes and adjusting signal timing.
  • A new signal at Ashworth Avenue.
  • Improved sidewalks and crosswalks, pedestrian countdown signals, and ADA accessible curb ramps.
  • A strengthened off-corridor bicycle network.
Typical Intersection at
Ashworth, Meridian, and 1st Avenue 
Aerial graphic view of a typical intersection on N/NE 145th Street
Graphic view of a typical intersection cross-section on N/NE 145th Street


Next Steps

The City has begun design services for this project. The design and environmental phase is estimated to cost $4.896 million, of which $4.235 million is funded by a federal grant. Overall costs to complete improvements along this entire section of corridor are currently estimated at approximately $44.9 million and the City continues to pursue funding.

In order to complete improvements, this part of the corridor will be broken into further segments for construction projects.  Currently, the City is seeking additional funding for a segment from I-5 to Corliss Avenue.

Citizens are invited to learn more about the project at our upcoming open house scheduled for Summer of 2018.  Date, time and location have yet to be determined.

The City will be creating a Citizen Advisory Task Force to act as liaison with local neighborhoods to help keep current information about the 145th Street corridor available.


The City of Shoreline conducted the 145th Street Multimodal Corridor Study in 2015-2016 to evaluate current conditions for all users while considering transportation demands that will be the result of a future light rail station at approximately 145th Street and I-5. Through an extensive public process, the City tailored the improvements to maximize benefit while keeping community impacts to a minimum.

As a result of this study, Shoreline has received federal funding to complete design on two sections of the corridor, this project from Aurora Avenue (SR-99) to I-5 and the I-5 Interchange area. Both of these projects are now being designed. A third section of the corridor from I-5 east to Bothell/Lake City Way is a part of Sound Transit 3 that was approved in November 2016. Sound Transit will be addressing improvements on this portion of 145th Street for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, working closely with the City on public outreach.