Surface Water Small Drainage Projects

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As of September 2017
Phase: Construction of 2017 Catch Basin Replacement Project recently completed.

About Surface Water Small Drainage Projects

Surface Water Small Drainage Projects provide for assessment, design, and construction of minor drainage improvements to reduce localized flooding or resolve other surface water issues at various locations throughout the City. Projects are identified through the City’s customer service requests and issues found in the field by City staff.
The work done under Surface Water Small Drainage Projects typically includes (but is not limited to) replacement or new installation of catch basins, stormwater pipes, small bioretention and other infiltration features, asphalt berms and swales, and miscellaneous other small improvements to surface water-related infrastructure.

Recent Work

2017 Catch Basin Replacement (and other improvements)

What:  The City of Shoreline recently completed (in August 2017) construction to replace 14 failing or otherwise inadequate catch basins. Other stormwater improvements were implemented at two additional sites.

Where:  Various locations throughout shoreline (Surface Water Small Projects map), plus two additional sites at Bagley Pl. N and Springdale Ct. NW. 

When:  Construction began in June and was completed by August 2017. 

More Info:  Flyer distributed to residents in the immediate vicinity of catch basin replacements. Aerial views showing extent of work done for each catch basin replacement. 

Why was this work done?

The City of Shoreline owns and maintains over 7,000 catch basins within the public right-of-way. Catch basins play an important role in the frontline of storm drainage by collecting roadway runoff and trapping sediment, other debris, and pollutants before directing flows to downstream conveyance.

Many catch basins in Shoreline were installed 50+ years ago; some have begun to show signs of structural failure due to age (such as cracked or displaced sidewalls) and/or were inadequately constructed to begin with, especially compared to today’s standards. Structural failure of a catch basin can lead to drainage problems and/or undermine and damage nearby infrastructure such as pavement, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and other utilities. To proactively prevent such issues and ensure proper function of the stormwater system, the City inspects around 2,500 catch basins a year.

2016 catch basin inspections identified a priority need to repair or replace numerous catch basins throughout the city, including several which will be replaced under this upcoming project. These basins were determined to be sufficiently damaged or otherwise substandard to warrant replacement of the existing catch basin with a new, standard-type catch basin.

In many cases, the standard-sized replacement catch basin will be larger and/or deeper than the existing catch basin. This means that underground utilities and other features in close proximity to the existing catch basin may spatially conflict with a new structure. The City is carefully reviewing existing conditions at each catch basin replacement site to minimize conflict issues.

What to Expect

  • Construction crews are expected to work for one to two full days, although on some occasions the work may take longer.
  • Construction hours will be limited to Monday-Friday between 7am and 6pm.
  • Traffic adjacent to the work area may be temporarily reduced to one lane with a flagger; access to nearby houses and businesses will be maintained.
  • Temporary loss of on-street parking may occur at some locations, adjacent to the work areas on construction days.
  • Surface features (such as paving and landscaping) within the public right-of-way immediately adjacent to the replaced catch basin will be disturbed by construction activities but will be replaced to match existing conditions or better.
  • At locations with mailboxes immediately adjacent to work areas, mailboxes may be temporarily relocated to allow for construction but will be replaced at the existing location to match existing or better condition. Mail service will continue uninterrupted.

Other drainage improvements:


2017-2018 Surface Water Small Drainage Projects

The City of Shoreline is currently developing designs for miscellaneous surface water infrastructure improvements. Sites currently considered for 2017-2018 improvements:    
  •  Linden Ave N immediately south of N 155th St - capacity improvements  
  •  NE 196th Pl between 19th Ave NE and 20th Ave NE – infiltration feature improvements
  • Other sites to be determined

Construction is targeted for 2017-2018; note that the above sites are not confirmed for construction and that others may be added; this website will be further updated as the project progresses.

Many other potential Surface Water Small Drainage Projects are currently programming in earlier stages involving prioritization, assessment, field investigation, and preliminary design. Please utilize the contact information on this page to let the City know if you have an inquiry about any previously-reported drainage issue.

Previous Projects

  • In early 2014, Surface Water Small Projects completed the following improvements at six (6) sites:
    • 1626 NW 185th St – new infiltration pipe gallery       
    • 18227 Fremont Ave N - new infiltration pipe gallery
    • 1632 N 200th St – replace curb and gutter
    • 20024 6th Ave NE – new pipe and catch basin
    • 19011 8th Ave NE – new pipe and catch basin
    • 17030 10th Ave NE – new pipe and catch basin     
  • In August 2014, a Surface Water Small Project installed new catch basins and stormwater pipe along NE 147th St and 30th Ave NE to bypass a failing pipe system located on private property.
  • In January 2016, small project improvements were completed as additional work under the 2015 Stormwater Pipe Open Cut Repair project at the following sites:
    • 20136 6th Pl NE – new pipe and catch basin
    • 16301 Fremont Ave N - new pipe, catch basin, and asphalt raised edge
    • Linden Ave N and N 153rd Pl - new pipe and catch basins
  • Asphalt berms were installed at the following location by City crews as part of a Surface Water Small Project-based analysis and design:
    • 14912 North Park Ave N (September 2015)
    • Springdale Ct NW, west side south of Ridgefield Rd NW (September 2016)