As of April 2018  
Phase: 2018 project in Design

A set of small projects are being prepared for summer 2018 construction. More small projects are planned for construction in later years. As things develop, we will post more information about specific 2018 small projects.

Overview and History

This program fixes small public drainage issues that often start as customer service requests or issues we find in the field. For greater efficiency, these projects are batched together. Solutions typically install catch basins, pipes, berms, and other small improvements within the public right-of-way.

Previous Surface Water Small Drainage Projects


  • Replaced 14 catch basins at various locations City-wide
  • Bagley Place N south between N 186th Street and N 187th Street – new catch basins and pipe
  • Springdale Court NW, east side south of Ridgefield Road NW – asphalt swale


  • 20136 6th Place NE – new pipe and catch basin
  • 16301 Fremont Avenue N - new pipe, catch basin, and asphalt raised
  • Linden Avenue N and N 153rd Place - new pipe and catch basins 


  • NE 147th Street and 30th Avenue NE – new catch basins and stormwater pipe 
  • 1626 NW 185th Street – new infiltration pipe gallery     
  • 18227 Fremont Avenue N - new infiltration pipe gallery
  • 1632 N 200th Street – replace curb and gutter
  • 20024 6th Avenue NE – new pipe and catch basin
  • 19011 8th Avenue NE – new pipe and catch basin
  • 17030 10th Avenue NE – new pipe and catch basin