Park Concept Design Review Boards

After the adoption of the Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan in 2017, the Shoreline Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services department is evaluating 13 parks in consideration of future improvements. With your help we can better understand how the community uses these spaces and what improvements you would like to see.  Take a Survey (see the link to the right), send us an email, or give us a call. We want to hear from you.

What activities and amenities do you want to see improved or added in each of these parks?

  • Ballinger Open Space
  • Brugger's Bog Park
  • Cedarbrook School Site
  • Hamlin Park
  • Hillwood Park
  • James Keough Park
  • Paramount Open Space
  • Park at Town Center
  • Richmond Highlands Park
  • Ridgecrest Park
  • Shoreview Park
  • Twin Ponds Park
  • Westminster Triangle Park

Park Concept Designs Primary Objectives 

  • Engage neighborhood residents in developing concept plans for their local parks;
  • Build on Shoreline’s recently adopted 2017-2023 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan;
  • Result in a set of concept designs for specific parks that provide guidance the community and to staff for developing implementation plans; and,

Provide rough order-of-magnitude cost estimates for making improvements to each park based on the concept plans.


The PROS Plan assessed our citizen's needs and prioritized recreation programs, park maintenance and facility capital needs with the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Service (PRCS) Department's core mission and goals. It also includes a capital improvement project list. Visit the PROS Plan website for additional information.

The plan includes a list of important amenities that will need to be added to existing or new parks over the next six to twelve years in order to maintain the current level of service

  • an additional community garden
  • three multi-purpose/pickleball courts
  • two swing sets
  • thirteen outdoor pieces of art
  • three loop paths
  • an additional skate park
  • two adventure playgrounds
  • five basketball courts
  • three playgrounds
  • one adult exercise station
  • two picnic shelters
  • six miles of new trails
  • two spray parks

In addition to needed park amenities ...

the Plan also identified priority parks for improvements. The Plan did not develop plans or designs for these specific parks but generally noted possible improvement themes.

  • Richmond Highlands Recreation Center outdoor basketball court
  • Shoreview Park soccer field conversion from cinder to synthetic, off-leash area amenities, and other park enhancements
  • Briarcrest Neighborhood Park development at upper Hamlin Park adjacent to 25th Ave NE
  • Adventure Playground in Hamlin Park adjacent to NE 168th Street and 18th Ave NE
  • Bruggers Bog Park renovation
  • Hillwood Park Renovation
  • Park at Town Center Phase 1 development
  • James Keough Park renovation
  • Ridgecrest Park renovation
  • Westminster Park playground
  • Cedarbrook Park development ideas
  • Twin Ponds Trail development
  • Paramount Open Space trail development