Capital Improvement Project Map

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Capital Improvement Projects Map
  1. Richmond Beach Road Rechannelization
  2. Turf Repair and Replacement - Shoreline A & B Fields
  3. City Maintenance Facility
  4. 25th Avenue NE Sidewalks
  5. 25th Avenue NE Flood Reduction Improvements
  6. Hidden Lake Dam Removal
  7. Police Station at City Hall
  8. N 175th Street, Stone Avenue N to I5
  9. NE 175th Overlay, I5 to 15th Avenue NE
  10. 10th Avenue NE Drainage Improvements Project
  11. Westminister and N 155th Street Intersection Improvements 
  12. N 155th Street, Midvale Avenue N to Burke Avenue N Overlay
  13. Curb Ramp and Sidewalk Repair - N 155th Street
  14. Meridian Avenue N and N 155th Street Signal Improvements
  15. 15th Avenue NE Overlay, NE 155th to 160th
  16. 25th Avenue NE, 153rd Street to NE 168th Street Overlay
  17. 145th Street Corridor Improvements, SR99 to I5
  18. 148th Non-Motorized Bridge
  19. 145th Interchange Improvements
  20. NE 148th Infiltration Facilities
  21. Stormwater Pipe Replacement Projects (annual program, various locations throughout the city)
  22. Bike Plan Implementation (various locations throughout the city)
  23. Radar Speed Sign Installations (various locations throughout the city)
  24. Surface Water Small Drainage Projects (various locations throughout the city)