As of November 2018
Community Outreach and Planning; Soil Testing

During the week of November 19, the Geotechnical Engineer drill about three holes to test the soil on site. The type of soils present will determine what soil work, pilings, and shoring will be necessary to support the structure and properly manage storm water. The drilling will take one to two days.

Neighborhood Meeting:
Hillwood and Richmond Highlands Neighborhoods
Wednesday, Nov. 28, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Richmond Masonic Center, 753 N 185th Street


The City of Shoreline, in partnership with King County, Community Psychiatric Clinic, and Catholic Housing Services, recently announced plans to develop 80-100 units of permanent supportive housing for people that were homeless or experiencing housing instability. This includes individuals dealing with chronic mental illness.

Shoreline is contributing the property for the project, located at the intersection of N 198th Street and Aurora Avenue. King County is providing funding support from the voter-approved Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy.

The City Council’s decision to collaborate with King County is driven, in part, by the increasing cost of housing, which is contributing to the rising number of people experiencing homelessness. There is a demonstrated need for more affordable housing, both locally and regionally. This year’s annual “Point-In-Time” count identified 12,112 people experiencing homelessness in King County, with 6,320 of them unsheltered. The Shoreline area saw a 330% increase in unsheltered individuals over last year’s count.

Community Psychiatric Clinic (CPC) provides an array of accredited outpatient mental health treatment and counseling services that serve the community. CPC has a proven track record of owning and operating supportive housing programs, such as the one proposed for this location. Supportive housing provides not only housing, but also connects individuals receiving housing to support services to improve long-term success in moving out of homelessness.

CPC also anticipates opening a community health clinic offering both physical and mental health services onsite. These services will be open to the public and will expand the health care network in Shoreline. Shoreline has an unmet need for mental health services in the community. Many residents already access CPC’s Northgate and Lake City Way clinics.

Catholic Housing Services (CHS), which will lead the development and management of the property on behalf of CPC, also has deep experience in affordable housing and supportive housing development in King County and across Washington. CHS will have staff onsite 24 hours a day 7 days a week to quickly respond to residents’ needs. Both CPC and CHS, as well as Shoreline and King County, have committed to a transparent and open development process, which will include public meetings and working with local neighborhoods to respond to questions and concerns.

One additional feature of this project will be the use of modular housing construction methods. King County is interested in seeing if this approach might bring affordable housing online more quickly and save money. “Modular construction” refers to the way a contractor builds a building. The contractor builds portions of the building off-site and then assembles it on-site. The result will look like any other multi-family residential building.