Projects & Initiatives

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Current Major Projects

 10 Year Financial Sustainability Project
   View the 10 Year Financial Sustainability Plan developed to strengthen Shoreline’s economic base by identifying options to balance revenues with costs

145th Street Multimodal Corridor
  145th Street/SR 523 is a key east-west connection for the region. Improvement projects will improve speed and safety through the corridor.

148th Street Non-Motorized Bridge
  Preliminary design and environmental review of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Interstate 5 (I-5) that would link the area on the west side of the freeway to the future Shoreline South/145th Street Station (light rail).
Bike Plan Implementation
  Using a combination of bicycle lanes, sharrows, and route signage, this project will improve access and safety for cyclists.
City Maintenance Facility Project
  The City is analyzing potential sites for a new maintenance facility to accommodate the needs of Parks and Public Works maintenance operations.

Light Rail Permitting
  The City is reviewing and issuing permits for all facilities related to the Lynnwood Link Extension Light Rail Project in Shoreline. We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions.

Light Rail Station Subarea Plans 
  The City and community developed subarea plans to address land use, transportation, park, and other needs to accommodate projected growth in the areas surrounding Lynnwood Link Extension Light Rail stations. 

Park Concept Designs 2018
  This project develops specific design proposals for individual parks that the PROS Plan set in motion.

 Police Station at City Hall
  City Hall is under construction in order to make room for a new Police Headquarters. 
Richmond Beach Road Rechannelization 

This project will rechannelize Richmond Beach Road from four lanes to one vehicle lane in each direction and a center turn lane in order to improve driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist safety and mobility.
Sidewalks Prioritization Plan
  We lack a continuous network of sidewalks in Shoreline. We're working with the community to develop a plan to prioritize and fund pedestrian improvement projects.
Surface Water Master Plan
  The Surface Water Utility is preparing a master plan to address drainage and water quality challenges. 

Trail Along the Rail 
  The City is evaluating a possible shared-use path that would run roughly parallel to future light rail in Shoreline. 

Westminster Way N & N 155th Intersection Design
  In order to provide a safer, realigned intersection and to support redevelopment of nearby properties, the City is designing improvements.

Capital Improvement Projects

Capital improvement projects include major construction projects and land acquisitions that improve the cultural environment, capital infrastructure and recreational opportunities for the residents of Shoreline.

Long-Range Planning Projects

Long-Range Planning Projects

Surface Water Utility Projects

The Surface Water Utility manages projects that improve the public drainage system.


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