Information for Shoreline


This work will be incorporated into a 2020 striping contract which will be advertised by the end of March or early April. The contractor will have Spring and Summer of 2020 to complete the work.

NTSP 198th-14th NE Intersection update 

Context for this updated layout:

  1. The primary travel path (eastbound right turn and northbound left turn) will be striped to align better with intersection grading. This should better serve snow/ice conditions, which we heard from many is a concern.
  2. A few delineators (as used in existing layout) will be added to both north and south west side corners to tighten up turns and ensure a safe space for pedestrian travel.
  3. A stop sign will be installed for the eastbound direction, to address sight line issues.
  4. The lane markings proposed accommodate two way travel, including turning movements, even for large vehicles such as school buses or delivery trucks.
  5. White edge lines will be provided on both sides of NE 198th Street near the intersection, for a striped roadway width of 20 feet, distributing the rest of the space equally among the north and south shoulders.

If you have any concerns about this proposed layout, please contact:

Kendra Dedinsky, City Traffic Engineer
(206) 801-2431