It is the City’s goal to continually improve safety on City streets for all users. Traffic Services staff coordinates with Shoreline Police and the Washington State Department of Transportation to collect and maintain traffic collision records throughout the City.

Each year, staff analyzes collision data to develop an action plan for addressing collisions on City streets. This effort is summarized in the Annual Traffic Report.

This analysis is important as  it guides prioritization of limited capital improvement resources, facilitating allocation of funds toward data-driven needs.

A three year summary of reported collisions on City Right of Way is shown on the map linked below.

Collisions Total 2014-2016 Preview

Additionally, maps of bike and pedestrian collisions, as well as injury collisions are linked below:

Pedestrian & Bicycle Collision Map (2014-2016)
Injury Collision Map (2014-2016)

2016 Annual Traffic Report
2015 Annual Traffic Report
2014 Annual Traffic Report
2013 Annual Traffic Report