Traffic Services

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The City of Shoreline established the Traffic Services Division in 2003.  Traffic Services is responsible for:

  • Addressing and enhancing driver, pedestrian, and bicycle safety.
  • Capital improvement and development plan review.
  • Support and review of transportation planning efforts.
  • Design, approval, and maintenance oversight of all traffic control devices including signs, pavement markings, street lights, traffic signals, flashing beacons, and work zone traffic control.
  • Maintenance of traffic-related records including accident reports and traffic asset inventory.
  • Preparation and documentation of City traffic standards and codes.
  • Traffic counts, speed studies, and analysis.
  • Community education and outreach.
  • Concurrency, impact fee, and development review.
  • Manage the City's street lights with the Streetlight Master Plan.

Service Requests

Street light out? Contact Seattle City Light directly at (206) 684-7056.

Traffic sign down? Submit a Service Request Online.

Traffic signal concerns? Submit a Service Request Online.

Potholes/road condition concerns? Contact the City's Customer Response Team at (206) 801-2700.

Traffic ticket questions? If you have questions about Traffic Tickets or related questions, please contact at:

King County District Court
Shoreline Division
18050 Meridian Ave N
Shoreline, WA 98133
(206) 296-3679

Frequently Asked Questions

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