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Information for Shoreline

Ronald Bog Early Warning

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Early Warning System

This system provides information to residents and City staff 24-hours a day with updates every 15-minutes.   It alerts City of Shoreline staff if water reaches an elevation of 365 feet above sea level which corresponds to the top of the pipe draining Ronald Bog.  At that point, staff will visit the site and make an assessment.  It can also initiate reverse 911 if necessary.

This image shows the response/event levels for Ronald Bog.
Ronald Bog Early Warning Graph

The table below shows the water level of Ronald Bog in real-time increments of 15 minutes. 

Time Stamp Bog Level
5-28-2020 10:00 PM 363.20
5-28-2020 09:45 PM 363.21
5-28-2020 09:30 PM 363.22
5-28-2020 09:15 PM 363.22
5-28-2020 09:00 PM 363.22
5-28-2020 08:45 PM 363.22
5-28-2020 08:30 PM 363.22
5-28-2020 08:15 PM 363.22
5-28-2020 08:00 PM 363.22