Private Drainage Systems Maintenance

Property owners should inspect and maintain their storm drainage system at least yearly and clean debris, sediment, and vegetation as needed, especially after major storms. The Utility inspects some private systems on an annual or biennial basis to ensure they are functioning properly. These inspections notify property owners of maintenance issues that may cause flooding, pollution, and become a potential liability to the owner. 

To learn more about maintaining your stormwater drainage system, please review the following:

For questions on maintenance of your storm drain system, contact Melissa Ivancevich at (206) 801-2453 or refer to the resources in the side bar of this page.

Business Pollution Prevention Assistance 

The City of Shoreline provides assistance to small businesses to help implement proper storage and disposal of hazardous waste. Through our Pollution Prevention program, you can:

  • receive a free site visit and consultation
  • get a free spill kit ($60 value)
  • find the best way to manage your business hazardous materials 
  • learn which hazardous waste regulations apply to your business
  • connect with other resources and incentives

Call the Surface Water Utility at (206) 801-2450 to schedule your free site visit and consultation.

Example of Best Management Practice in
A site visit can help you implement safer,
environmentally-friendly, cost-saving practices

This service is funded by Department of Ecology’s Pollution Prevention Assistance program.