Soak It Up LID Rebate Program FAQs

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Soak It Up LID Rebate Program FAQs

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Program Overview

Q: Do I go through the Planning and Community Development department to participate in this program?

A: No, the program is administered by the Surface Water Utility in the Public Works department.

Q: Is a permit required when applying for the rain garden or native vegetation landscaping rebate?

A: No, a clearing and grading permit is not required because of the small nature of the project.

Q: Can I perform the project by myself or do I need to hire a professional landscaper?

A: The project can be completed by the property owner or a professional landscaper.


Q: Can I submit for a rebate if I already have a rain garden project started?

A: No, because City staff review and must approve the project application before work can begin. 

Q: I have a development/redevelopment project that requires me to integrate low impact development best management practices. Can I apply for this rebate?

A: No, this rebate program is meant to provide incentive to private and commercial properties that want to incorporate low impact development retrofits that are not required to do so.

 Q: I want to install a rain garden and convert property to native vegetation landscaping. Can I apply for two rebates at the same time? 

A: Yes, a combination rain garden and conservation landscaping project can qualify for a rebate, however, the minimum treatment area does not change and the maximum rebate for the property owner is $1,600.

Project Planning

Q: Are there any restrictions on where I can place the rain garden or native vegetation landscaping?

A: Rain gardens and native vegetation landscaping cannot be constructed within a wetland, directly adjacent to steep slopes, or other critical areas. Critical area buffers that sufficiently infiltrate are acceptable locations. City staff can help you determine if parts of your property have critical areas on or adjacent to them. 

 Q: Do I need to worry about utilities when excavating? 

A: Yes, some utilities may be buried as shallow as 24” underground. Prior to beginning excavation, the property owner should call 811 to have utilities located so that safe excavation can be done. 

Project Wrap-up

Q: Can I apply for a rebate multiple years? 

A: At this time we are limiting one rebate per property.

 Q: Will my rain garden and/or conservation landscaping be inspected after the project is completed?

A: To ensure compliance with the agreement and covenant, inspections may occur every two years after installation.

Q: If I don’t like my rain garden or native vegetation landscaping, can I get rid of it? 

A: If the rain garden or native vegetation landscaping is removed from the property before the covenant expires, the rebated amount must be returned to the City. Participants are required to sign a covenant as part of the agreement for receiving the rebate, which restricts the removal of the rain garden and/or conservation landscaping for ten (10) years.

 Q: If I sell my home, can the new homeowner remove the landscaping or rain garden? 

A: If the participant chooses to modify or remove the rain garden or native vegetationlandscaping before the expiration of the covenant, the City will require the current property owner to return the rebate amount. The covenant is legal to the property, not the property owner who originally signed it.