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2017 Surface Water Master Plan

The City of Shoreline Surface Water Utility is preparing the 2017 Surface Water Master Plan to address drainage and water quality challenges associated with growth, increasing regulations, and aging infrastructure. The Master Plan will guide the Surface Water Utility for the next five to ten years and includes recommendations for capital improvements, programs, and a financial plan for long-term asset management. 

A key objective of the Master Plan is to identify improvements that will help the Utility meet levels of service that reflect the expectations of customers and that are appropriately in line with Utility rates. This requires a clear understanding of customers’ needs, expectations, and preferences.

Poster board showing resident feedback on the three strategiesResident feedback on the proposed strategies

Public Meetings

As part of the master planning  process, the Surface Water Utility has held several open houses to inform residents about the process and solicit feedback. The second open house was held on Thursday, July 13th, from 6 to 8 pm. A total of 8 residents attended and listened to a short presentation on the three different strategies, minimum, proactive, and optimum, that the city is considering for stormwater management.

After the presentation, residents voiced questions and concerns, ranging from general concerns about aquatic habitat and the effects of the light rail station subareas to specific drainage problems in their neighborhoods. At the back of the room, residents interacted with display boards describing the planning process and highlighting potential capital projects on a map, and indicated their preferred stormwater management strategy by posting stickers on a display board outlining the three options. An online master plan survey was also available on two tablets during the event.

Resident feedback from both surveys and public meetings will continue to inform the master planning process, ultimately informing which management strategy the Surface Water Utility adopts in order to provide the best possible service to the City.

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The City of Shoreline’s Surface Water Master Plan serves as a guide for the Surface Water Utility in part to efficiently manage capital and operational projects. The City published its first Surface Water Master Plan in 2005, and in 2011, City Council adopted the 2011 Surface Water Master Plan Update to address the changing needs of the City for the next five years.

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