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Al UngerSr. WW Utility Maintenance WorkerPublic Works(206) 801-2572
Alisa NguyenEngineer II - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2473
Ariana GrljSenior Management AnalystPublic Works(206) 801-2417
Autumn SalamackEnvironmental Services CoordinatorCommunity Services, Public Works(206) 801-2452
Bob EarlEngineering ManagerPublic Works(206) 801-2479
Brent ProffittWW Utility SpecialistPublic Works(206) 801-2578
Brett MassaSenior PW Maintenance Worker (Surface Water)Public Works(206) 801-2442
Cameron ReedEnvironmental Program SpecialistPublic Works(206) 801-2455
Catherine LanderTransportation SpecialistPublic Works(206) 801-2415
Chris BerringtonSurface Water Engineering TechnicianPublic Works(206) 801-2456
Clayton PutnamWW Utility SpecialistPublic Works(206) 801-2579
Colin McFeronSenior Grounds Maintenance WorkerPublic Works(206) 801-2582
Daniel SinkovichUtility Operations SpecialistPublic Works(206) 801-2454
Danielle AngionoDevelopment Review Engineer IPublic Works(206) 801-2529
Darron CallahanGrounds Maintenance SupervisorPublic Works(206) 801-2581
Darron DeranleauTraffic Engineering TechnicianPublic Works(206) 801-2433
David LaBelleRoads Maintenance SupervisorPublic Works(206) 801-2441
David RoperConstruction InspectorPublic Works(206) 801-2425
Eduardo AbanCapital Project Manager IIPublic Works(206) 801-2474
Erica BartlettAdministrative Assistant IIPublic Works(206) 801-2469
Hazel DelaCruzEngineer I - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2476
Janette MallariEngineer I - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2462
Jesse PetersonWastewater ManagerPublic Works(206) 801-2571
John FeatherstoneSurface Water Utility ManagerPublic Works(206) 801-2478
John ReadConstruction InspectorPublic Works(206) 801-2424
Kendra DedinskyCity Traffic EngineerPublic Works(206) 801-2431
Lance NewkirkUtilities & Operations ManagerPublic Works(206) 801-2411
Lea BonebrakeEngineer II - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2475
Leif JohansenEngineer II - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2489
Linda PearlAdministrative Assistant IIIPublic Works(206) 801-2402
Lori HenrichAdministrative Assistant II, Engineering DivisionPublic Works(206) 801-2414
Mark FryConstruction InspectorPublic Works(206) 801-2426
Melissa IvancevichSurface Water Quality SpecialistPublic Works(206) 801-2453
Mike AlmaroofEngineer I - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2477
Noel HupprichDevelopment Review & Construction ManagerPublic Works(206) 801-2472
Nora Daley-PengSenior Planner - TransportationPublic Works(206) 801-2483
Nytasha WaltersTransportation Services ManagerPublic Works(206) 801-2481
Patty JenkinsEngineer II - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2457
Quang NguyenEngineer II: TrafficPublic Works(206) 801-2432
Randy WittPublic Works DirectorPublic Works(206) 801-2401
Robert VictorEngineer II - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2451
Sean MusiEngineering Technician - Surface WaterPublic Works(206) 801-2464
Sheryle HarpAdministrative Assistant IIPublic Works(206) 801-2412
Sierra GawlowskiEngineer II - Surface WaterPublic Works(206) 801-2429
Tricia JuhnkeCity EngineerPublic Works(206) 801-2471
Zachary EvansEngineer II - Capital ProjectsPublic Works(206) 801-2428