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Information for Shoreline

Dear Shoreline Residents,

It’s my pleasure to present the 2018 Shoreline PoliceDepartment’s Police Services Report. Shoreline continues to be a safe community; over the past four years, Part‐1 crime (violent crime) has remained at its lowest level since incorporation and decreased again significantly in 2018 by 25%. Shoreline Police Department works hard to support the City Council goals and feels fortunate to work for a Council that provides the police with the proper staffing, equipment, training and works in a collaborative manner to support public safety.

Focusing on property crimes has been a priority for the Shoreline Police for several years. In 2018 we saw significant reductions in property crimes; burglaries decreased by 30% and were 33% less than the five year average. Car prowls decreased 27% and are 13% below the five year average. Auto thefts were down 8% and 14% below the five year average. Please continue to call 911 immediately if you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood. The police should be the ones to determine if it’s a crime in progress or legitimate activity. By working together we can continue to prevent crime and address crime trends in the City.

The Shoreline Police Department (PD) works with other City departments to address homeless issues in the City in a compassionate and reasonable manner. Compassion does not mean enabling—it’s connecting those willing to accept services to the proper services that are available. The Shoreline PD works hard to keep parks, trails and businesses safe and to ensure the Constitutional rights for everyone are upheld in a fair and objective manner.

Shoreline Police have been working to improve police interaction with those suffering from mental illness. Shoreline started the RADAR program (Response Awareness De‐escalation And Referral) to provide officers with information up front to help de‐escalate someone in crisis and reduce use of force incidents. The program has expanded thanks to Council Chair Rod Dembowski and the King County Council. The Council provided funding to expand RADAR and Shoreline is partnering with Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland and Lake Forest Park police. In addition to response plans, the cities share part time mental health professionals (navigators) to reach out with police to those who need help, providing a direct connection to services.

In 2018 Shoreline Police conducted two Nurturing Trust workshops with the Hispanic/Latino community. The workshops were taught in Spanish and focused on teen suicide, bullying, parental discipline, narcotics and other topics geared to help parents and build a relationship with police. Shoreline PD also taught several staff and community members on CRASE ‐ Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events. It’s training we hope never has to be used, however it’s better to have a basic understanding of what to do and not do in an active situation.

In 2018, Shoreline added its first K9 team, Officer Josh Holmes and his partner Atom. Atom is a tracking dog and together they have already arrested numerous suspects that fled on foot after committing a crime. Also in 2018, Shoreline Police moved to a new police station located on the first floor of City Hall. The new station provides adequate space for police, more efficiencies for City departments to work together on solving problems and easier access for the public.

The Shoreline Police Department has a staff of 53 full time employees. In 2018, our department had over 30,000 police related contacts. Officers responded to 16,567 ‐ 911 calls and initiated 13,535 contacts.

It’s an honor to serve as your police chief. The Shoreline Police Department is committed to keeping you and your family safe.


Shawn V. Ledford
Police Chief, City of Shoreline