Dear Shoreline Residents,

It’s my pleasure to present the 2017 Shoreline Police Department’s service delivery report. Shoreline continues to be a safe community; over the past three years, Part-1 crime (violent crime) has remained at its lowest level since incorporation. Shoreline Police Department works hard to support the City Council’s goal for public safety. Our department will continue to focus on property crime and crime prevention.

Last year, our Community Outreach Officer conducted 76 community meetings that focused on crime prevention. Partnering with the community to continually build trust is paramount in keeping residents safe. Shoreline Police depend on you to call 911 immediately when you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood. We are the ones who should check to determine if it’s legitimate business or a crime in progress. In 2017 burglaries increased slightly at (+2%) and were (-14%) below the five year average. Car prowls increased (+10%) and auto thefts were down (-7%). In 2017 detectives arrested and/or charged 31 suspects for burglaries committed in Shoreline. For a non-violent offense property crime, defendants are often released from jail or don’t get significant jail time. It’s important to take steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of a property crime. For more information on Shoreline Watch, crime prevention and/or a home security analysis, please contact Officer Paula Kieland at

The Shoreline Police Department follows LEED principals; Listen and Explain with Equity and Dignity. We pride ourselves in striving to be fair and objective in all our interactions with the community. At the beginning of each school year, Shoreline PD officers and City Manager Debbie Tarry meet with the Shorecrest and Shorewood High School’s Black Students Unions. There are legitimate concerns from what has occurred on national levels, making it essential that police build relationships with all members of the community to better understand their issues and concerns. Shoreline Police continued with Nurturing Trust workshops to build a relationship and trust with the Hispanic/Latino community. The workshops are geared towards parents and provide information on teen suicide, bullying, parental discipline, narcotics and other relevant topics.

The Shoreline Police Department has a staff of 52 full-time employees. In 2017 our department had over 31,000 police related contacts. Officers responded to 16,309 dispatched calls for service, initiated 14,758 contacts, and made 1,426 arrests.

It’s an honor to serve as your police chief. The Shoreline Police Department is committed to keeping you and your family safe.


Shawn V. Ledford
Police Chief, City of Shoreline