Townhouse Design Standards Meeting Schedule

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What is the goal of this project?

This project will produce updated Development Code design standards for new single-family attached development, which is a term that includes townhouses, duplexes, and rowhouses. For brevity, the term “townhouse” will be used for this project. Code standards can determine where the buildings and their entries are placed on the site; how a site is accessed by vehicles and pedestrians; where garbage and recycling is placed for collection; how the site is landscaped or screened; and what the buildings will look like.

Why are design standards for townhouses important?

In recent years the City of Shoreline has experienced increasing demand for townhouses. The current design standards are generalized. Building and site design may be improved with standards that are specific to townhouse development. While the increase in new townhouses constructed helps to expand housing choice within the city, it is important that these developments be appropriately designed to ensure both functional and desirable places to live.  This project will play a central role in implementing the vision of connected and well-designed communities near transit.

What is the timeline for this project?

The City has allocated money in the 2019 budget for this project, so it is anticipated that the project will conclude within the calendar year. The project is scheduled to be discussed by the Planning Commission summer 2019 and City Council fall 2019. 

How can I get involved and provide input on this project?

Public comment will also be solicited and welcome by City Council and the Planning Commission at their meetings discussing these changes. Your comments to City staff are welcome anytime, please see the “contact us” box on this webpage.

Will this project change how townhouses look in the City of Shoreline?

Yes! This is an opportunity to ensure townhomes being constructed build on Shoreline’s reputation as a desirable community. 

Will this project increase or decrease the number of townhouses allowed on a property?

No. Minimum and maximum densities are based on the zoning district a property is located within. Site design elements that will be discussed as part of this project, such as access and building placement, may ultimately impact the number of townhome units that can fit on a property, but a direct discussion about density minimums and maximums will not be included in this work.


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