An amendment to the Development Code is a mechanism by which the City may bring its land use and development regulations into conformity with the Comprehensive Plan or respond to changing conditions or needs of the City. A proposal needs to:

  • be in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan;
  • not adversely affect the public health, safety or general welfare; and
  • not be contrary to the best interest of the citizens and property owners of the City of Shoreline.

Suggested development code amendments are usually initiated by the Director of the Planning & Community Development, but can also be proposed by the public. Citizen initiated amendments may be suggested to the Director in writing at any time during the year. The Director will review the suggestion and will determine whether to bring it forward, in whole or in a modified form, to the Planning Commission for consideration. Depending on the scope and nature of the proposed amendment, the Director may choose to take the matter before the Planning Commission and/or City Council for insertion into the City's Long Range Planning Work Program. If the Director declines to move the citizen initiated amendment forward, that person may ask that the written request be forwarded to the City Council for its determination of whether to add the proposed amendment to the planning commission's agenda planner and/or the Long Range Planning Work Program. There are no appeals from that final Council determination.

Development Code Amendment Proposal Application