About the Board

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Board, or PRCS Board, advises the City Council and City staff on a variety of parks and recreation issues including plans and policies, park operation and design, recreation program activities, public art, property acquisition and development of rules and regulations.

The Tree Board was established by the City Council in 2012 as part of the requirement to become a Tree City USA. The members of the PRCS Board also serve as the Tree Board. This Board serves as an advisory board to the City Council on issues related to public tree maintenance and urban forestry.

Learn more about tree regulations in Shoreline.

The PRCS/Tree Board meets on the fourth Thursday of the month from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. January through October and the first Thursday of December. The Board may call additional meetings if necessary. The public is always welcome.

Reference Information

2017-2023 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan

2014 Urban Forest Strategic Plan

2018 Tree Canopy Assessment

2011 Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

Comprehensive Plan, Natural Environment Element

Ordinance 617  (Establishment of the Tree Board)

Ordinance 627 (Tree Management in the Public Right-of-Way)

Meet the Board


Christine Southwick (Acting Chair) maintains her registered Wildlife Habitat Yard in the Briarcrest neighborhood. Currently she is Shoreline's team leader with the National Wildlife Federation and is a NWF trained Habitat Steward. She writes the column, "For the Birds" for the Shoreline Area News, and is on the board of the Puget Sound Bird Observatory.


John Hoey
chose to live in Shoreline because of the city's commitment to a high quality of life for its citizens, including investments in parks, recreational opportunities, arts and cultural programs, and attractive people-oriented neighborhoods. He and his wife Lisa live in the Richmond Beach neighborhood.


 Katie Schielke Katie Schielke has been a Shoreline resident since 2005, and she is the founder and Chair of the Parkwood Neighborhood Association. Katie is interested in building community and creating a sense of place in Shoreline neighborhoods and sees parks and recreational opportunities as instrumental components of placemaking. She is especially interested in broad-based parks and recreational strategic planning as the City moves into the future.  

Cindy Dittbrenner

Cindy Dittbrenner
 moved to Shoreline in 2007 and has enjoyed exploring the many forested parks with her dog Cedar. She is the Natural Resources Program Manager at the Snohomish Conservation District where she manages restoration projects along streams and rivers in rural Snohomish County. She is excited to be able to contribute to health and happiness of her own community here in Shoreline through service on the board.

Bill Franklin

Bill Franklin
 is a licensed Architect and Contractor and is self-employed with two Shoreline businesses. He is a frequent visitor to Shoreline parks and open spaces on foot and on bike. Bill enjoys a focus on sustainability, as well as lending a voice in support of pedestrian and cycling advocacy. Bill is looking forward to combining his skills and education as an architect with his love of Shoreline's parks, trees and open spaces to enhance Shoreline's "urban fabric" and recreational opportunities.

Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White is a Ridgecrest neighborhood resident and graduate of Shoreline's 2017 CityWise program. She is a regular volunteer with the Washington Native Plant Society in Hamlin Park and is currently employed as Operations Manager for EarthCorps.

Erik Ertsgaard

Erik Ertsgaard is a youth Board member and part of the 2020 graduating class of Shorewood High School. He enjoys golf, tennis, band, biology and math. Erik looks forward to adding his voice to conversations about Shoreline's parks and ecosystems.

Ivan Brown Ivan Brown is a student at Shorewood High School, a US figure skating gold medalist, athlete and musician. He is actively engaged in the Russian community and culture and enjoys helping his family on their urban farm.

For membership information call (206) 801-2602.


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